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Will v5 firmware support light link (direct association for zigbee)?

The ability to directly associate lights to switches for zigbee is called light link and currently not suppored by Homey. You need the Phillips Hue hub or similar for that functionality. Does anyone know if firmware v5 will support this?

Thank you

Zigbee LightLink is not the equivalent to direct association within Z-wave. ZLL is an Zigbee application profile, specifically for light devices.

Within the current release of Homey v5, it is not possible from the UI to create a direct link between two Zigbee devices / create a Zigbee Group / create a Zigbee scene.

It is possible to create a direct connection between e.g. a remote and one or more bulbs if both are supporting Zigbee LightLink Touchlink and both are part of the Zigbee network of Homey.

Does that answer your question?

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Do you have any information about how to enable direct connection between a HUE light and remote that both are paired with homey? My wife is not happy that the light switch sometimes does not work and “just” have to reboot the homey or something like that.

:rotating_light:WAF alert!
Let’s see how we can solve it; Which remote are you using?

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The one on the right in this picture. The rectangular one with on/off and brighter/darker. I have managed to link the remote to the light in its own network without the homey before. But I’d gone to have it both connected to homey for use in flows (dimmed light at night) in addition to working straight from the remote.

I reset the bulb and remote in order to add them to the homey.

Quite simple, when both devices are added to Homey.

Found the instructions in Dutch:

Dan kan je je lampen eenvoudig toevoegen door je afstandsbediening dichtbij de lamp te houden en 15 seconden de aanknop (I) ingedrukt te houden.*

So translated:

move the dimmer switch to close proximity of the bulb and press the ON button for 15 seconds

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Thank you! I did it the wrong way. I had them linked at first, but the link disappeared when I return reset to add to homey. Did not think to link them again. I assumed they’d fall out of the homey then.

Don’t thank me yet, only if the misses approves the solution :wink:

Tried it today and unfortunately it dit not work. I added the bulb to homey first. Then I held the remote close and hold down the on button. The bulb blinked and now works with the remote. But it left the homey network (see image). Tried once more after adding the remote to homey first. This time it did not leave, but does not work the the remote either. So ended up with the old approach using the homey and flows again.

Did you first pair the bulb and the remote to Homey and the tried the Touchlink approach?
In your description, I’d suspect that you didn’t add the remote to Homey. In that case, the remote will force the bulb to it’s network.

I did not include the remote first on my first try. But on my second I included the remote and the bulb to the homey first.

Is some zigbee fubctionality similar to z-waves direct associations possible within zwave? If so, is it planned to be enabled in v5?