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Wireless Weather Sensors App

Have you tried to uncheck all the sensors and only use the Cresta sensor? In the screenshot they say you should only use the sensor u have.
And then take out the battery from the Cresta and than put it back.
No idea if it works but you can try.

There are so many different protocols for wireless weather sensors, the app only supports the most used ones. E.g. the ‘Cesta’ protocol is used by different brands, but the only reason it is called ‘Cresta’ is because the person who reverse engineered it did this with a Cresta sensor. But the brand Cresta uses all kind of different protocols. So even though the brand is Cresta, does not mean it uses the ‘Cresta’ protocol. It is also almost impossible to keep a list of sensor types and what protocol they use. E.g. a brand like TFA uses all kind of protocols (and Cresta as well). Only with brands like Oregon Scientific you can be sure they use their own protocol.


I bought a soil sensor brand Misol because It would help with my gardening watering setup.
As there are no soil sensors supported except for the Mi flora, but they don’t thave a good range and are not for outdoor use.
Is it possible for you to support this one ?


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It’s a WH51 sensor, of ECOWITT.

found some topics about it on the HA forums

Yes, tried those steps already, sadly it didnt change anything.

@nlrb thanks for your explanation, i had already suspected something like that, thats why i tried with all protocols activated. But i hoped i did something wrong😛 so at the moment i should try another solution or another sensor i guess.

Hello, thanks for your app.
i would like measure wind speed and I plan to use your app with this product:

did you tested it ?

Or can you advis me for an anemometer working with your app?




I cannot seem to find the answer to my question. Can someone help me?
Does the Alecto WS-5500 work with this app? I am planning to buy such a weather station.

Thanks in advance!

This app is only suitable for 433 MHZ sensors.

No, the Alecto weather station will not work with Homey. It sends via wifi. You can ask the developer of the Alecto app to support this station.

Great! thanks for the quick answer!

I now support the misol sensors Misol Soil Moisture Sensor (version 0.1.0 and test 0.1.1 )


Hello, i also use this nice app, keep up the good work! I am moving from Domoticz with a RFXcom to Homey. My wheaterstation TFA works partly (Windgauge does not show temp, rain gauge not found) that is not a problem for me, i can works around that. I am curious is there is a way to get more sensor updates. RFXcom updates the values every several minutes. Homey updates once in about 30 minutes and even times out quit often. Is there a way to force updates? thanks!

Is there a possibility to poll the values and not only create events based on e.g. temp change?
I mean like …when event and temp>21 then…
I can only find cards for events like when temperature…

@towu18 You can use logic cards for this.

Here’s a logics tutorial, might be interesting to read

Thank you for answering!
I realize now that the temperature is available as a tag that I can use in the logic to control a on/off heater.
(I have a made a “pulse” each minute and then I want the temperature.
Is there some kind app for scheduling and thermostat apps I can use instead? (not VThermo))

May I ask why not Vthermo?
That app can do the job.

Also you could try this, without an app:
WHEN temperature is below 15°C
THEN switch heater on

WHEN temperature is above 20°C
THEN switch heater off