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Hi, is it a plan to create an app for Wiz Smart devices? They are connected threw WiFi and are produced by the same company that owned Philip Hue.

Make a new app request in here following the template and hope the Comunity developers will create one.

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Hi, I’m working on an app for Wiz light bulbs after finding an unofficial API description. I have contacted WIZ support to possibly get an official version, but have met little interest. The answer was that they only gave the description to partners and OEM partners. The app I am developing is in test, and works with filament light bulbs with adjustable white light and color bulbs. I use the app on my own Homey Pro and consider sharing the code as soon as I have finished testing.

In very interested in WiZ app, is it still in beta?

Also interested. Have 3 bulbs I used before homey. Now they are just on the shelf. Will be happy to help testing

The app is still under development. Although I have around 40 years of experience in programming everything from mainframes to mini-machines, I am completely new when it comes to Homey and NodeJS. The challenge is therefore not to control the bulbs, but lies around drivers and multiple devices using ip addresses. Once these issues are resolved I will post the source to the app. In terms of rights, I’m a little unsure if it can be checked in as an app since Wiz connect was not very accommodating. I will post link to source as soon as I am ready.

I’m interested too. The WiZ filament bulbs are able to change the whites from warm to cold, which sadly the Hue’s can’t do. But an app for Homey is needed of course :smiley:

My app was rejected. The reason are that Wiz will come with an official app very soon. For those who are interested the source can be found on github. I suspect that the Wiz app goes against their server. My app talks directly with the bulbs.

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Could be on the Community Store!

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I sincerely hope so they developed it with a local connection. If yes, instant buy. If no, the developers… well, I’m not gonna finish that sentence.

I have sent them a message, will see!

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Am sure that’s gonna be ok. It’s some nice guys over there!

The app are now on the community store!

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Documentation for use can be found here: GitHub - boeyum/no.jib.WizBulbs: Homey NodeJS application for Wiz light bulbs.

First of all, I really appreciate your effort to create a Wiz app as that’s the light bulbes I’ve started with in my smart set up. I got my Homey today it took me a while to download the app (had to work my way through “how to download” first) but when I got your app it worked like a charm for the color bulb. However, when I came to my “stupid” LED on/off/dim bulbes they refused to be added. When I’m supposed to chose which bulb I get the text “ipadr is not defined”. Could the reason be that I have 8719514550070 which is not listed in your overview?

Just installed the WIZ app and it is really good with my color WIZ bulb. All the functionality is there.

I have the problem that I installed the second WIZ bulb. Got it to work wirh the official wiz app.

However, when I try to add a new device in Homey, the wiz app give the error message "Cannot read property ‘toString’ of null

I have tried to restart the app, no difference.

I have deleted the bulb already working and tried again. Now it found the new bulb and it works perfectly. However when trying to add the other bulb I get the same error message

Is this a problem with the app or?