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WOOX R7060 smart garden irrigation control

Is there anyone that has experience with the WOOX R7060 ?

It seems it can be added as a generic zigbee device

Don’t have experience yet, but I’m considering to buy it too. My idea was to buy the Woox-hub (€22,-) and connect it via a detour to Homey. For example with the Alexa - Homey app (trigger a routine).

Nevertheless, your idea is better since it will save a hub and some money :slight_smile:. Hope someone else already has experience with this device!

is there an advantage in using this hub ?

I’ve read on github this might be a tuya zigbee device @johan_bendz .
Might buy this item soon

Yes, most probably. You can use the Woox app via the hub and it should also be possible to connect it to Homey via the way I described above.

But, when it can be connected to Homey as a Generic Device or via Tuya it will even be better, right? I just bought it, when I tried it I’ll share my experience here

From what I can see here: Woox R7060 Smart Garden Irrigation Control · Issue #4325 · dresden-elektronik/deconz-rest-plugin · GitHub
The only advantage would be battery status.

If you can query it maybe @johan_bendz can add it to his app?
@Wolter let me know how it works for you

SKU: WOO_R7060 (RobbShop)

Talks with homey if you include it as a generic zigbee device

I received the WOOX R7060 today and did a small test. It can be connected to Homey as Generic Zigbee Device. It works very well! Now I can use it in a flow to control my (to be realized) irrigation system.

Mine came in also today. Added him as generic device. All you can do is just on/off.
Would be nice to have battery status tough.

You have to do a query in the developer site of your homey and share this with @johan_bendz , he can add it to his app. As it is tuya


That is the “interview” button ( for query)

@Rens_Hoekema Where do we contact him? Here? Just by tagging him?
Already got a query ready in a notepad.

in this topic: https://community.athom.com/t/app-tuya-zigbee-app/26439/1114