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WOOX R7060 smart garden irrigation control

Yes I can. I tried to simplify the flows a bit. If it starts or stops raining, the countdown timer will reset. After 36 hours (129.600 sec) the timer will end. So it will end when it was dry the last 36 hours or it was raining for the last 36 hours (which is very rare, so I think it can be defined this way).

If the timer is empty at 20:00 and it was warmer than 15 degrees that day, then start watering the garden. Please find the examples below:

As addition to my previous post: this flow runs for 2 weeks now and it works fine. Nevertheless, I think it will be most reliable to use a soil moisture sensor. Since it can also rain for just 10 minutes and it will still be too dry for your garden.

Does anyone has experience with a Homey compatible humidity sensor for the garden?

you mean a soil moisture sensor ?. As far as I know there is only the mi flora, but it is for indoor use only.
Even if you can work around this and use it outdoor the bluetooth signal is mostly not strong enough to reach homey

Yes, soil moisture sensor is a better description :slight_smile:
That’s a pity… I saw Gardena has a sensor that works with Wifi… But in that case you will also need to buy the hub. The disadvantage is the investment…

Hello Wolter,
I made the flow like the example.
I am still testing, but you helped well.
Greeting William

Also looking at an automated irrigation system. Maybe to use an humidity soil meter

And use a Shelly 1 to read the status

Maybe this is also an option to use

I got one from misol but I couldn’t get it connected, let me try it

I need the gateway for that, I don’t have it (yet)

I tried to make it work using Homeys 433MHz receiver but I couldn’t work out the codes coming back as it looked completely random in Homey. Probably using an unsupported transmission method. Also the range meant Homey couldn’t even detect a signal when the sensor was outside.
The gateway seems to work well and being a WiFi connection to Homey means I can place it closer to the sensor.

it seems that its ecowitt brand

That would makes sense as it connects well to the ecowitt server.

I found this, maybe you can do something with that ?

@Adrian_Rockall any luck ?

I only had a quick look but it doesn’t seem easy to convert that work to Homey’s implementation of the radio.
Also, now that I have put the sensor in the garden, my Homey doesn’t even detect it on the radio capture. So I think the hub is the best way to go as it is so cheap.