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WOOX R7060 smart garden irrigation control

Hi Peter. Thank you for thinking along!

I have approximately 20 routers and 35 end devices. There is also one router close to the woox.

It’s interesting as it seems to be triggered by something. Perhaps a restart of homey? My zigbee mesh should be optimal. Also when I move the woox closer to homey it doesn’t start working out of the blue, seems like it simply forgot the entire device.

YW! Do you restart Homey often then?
Zigbee mesh has to build itself up again after a restart.
I never restart Homey, until all other options are’nt of use.
I only restart apps with a “growing memory usage” problem.

Oh, you have 45 55 (according to Robert :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ) devices?

I alr posted this link

Athom advices to limit your zigbee mesh to 30-40 devices for a stable mesh.

20 + 35 = 55 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

:see_no_evil: but, too much anyway :laughing:

Alright alright, all max amount devices aside, this is the only one that has problems. To me that doesn’t point me to a general zigbee problem

It is odd indeed, but Athom does not say (and know) WHAT exactly is going south, don’t you agree?
So this issue still could be a result of a ‘too big’ mesh.
Other Q’s that pop up:
Is it your only Woox device? Does it have any metal or metal screen (chickenfence f.i.) between the nearest router device?
If it’s possible, can you get your hand on an other Woox device, just to see if that fails or not?

Good points and questions :)!

So this is the only woox device. It is approximately 2 meters away from its first router. This router also services other devices without problems.

It sounds like a faulty Woox then.

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Does it have brand new batteries, and do they measure 1,5V each? Use a voltmeter pls, not the app info.
This may sound stupid, but batteries which haven’t enough energy left, can cause a lot of issues like this. New batteries don’t always have enough juice left, don’t say “I just unpacked them, so they are ok”.

Someone made a nice topic about that a long long time ago.

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same problem here, batteries is good(1.5v messured)
is works like a charm for a few hours or a day, then when you try to switch it on it says its on sleeping mode

I’ve had to re-add the device three times. However, since my last post it’s been up and running like a charm. No idea why it struggled in the beginning, I didn’t change batteries, just deleted and re-added it every time.