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Wow - 2.0 was a major change


I created a flow with a count down timer.

When motion detected lights will on and start the timer. Everytime it detect a motion it will reset the timer.

When timer is done it will off the lights.



It is not very clear, but if you make a second card, you can pull it down and you will see it becomes an or card. Again I had the same issue, but by the hint from Jeroen I discovered this



install the Countdown app 1
Add a counter at more…settings…countdown

make 3 flows

IF motion alarm is goes on AND lights are off AND sunset is true THEN turn on lights. THEN stop counter
ELSE stop counter

IF counter is empty THEN turn off the lights.

IF motion alarm goes off THEN turn counter to 300 sec



No, they are END USERS, not tech nerds



Assuming “End Users” don’t have to read and everything should just work the way they want it?



Exactly. They could (and maybe sometimes should ) read a USER manual, but they shouldn’t have to work through technical detail manuals or websites because something isn’t working as expected if they don’t have deeper interest in the device and it’s inner working.

What do you do if your car engine isn’t running as it should? Search the internet, work through tons of technical stuff and put some aluminum sheet somewhere to try and make it work again because someone who is not a brand engineer tells you that?
Do you take apart your microwave and put some wires in it if it doesn’t do what it should do? Trying to hack some software in your 55" Samsung television because it doesn’t play the newest mkv files?

Well, not everyone likes/wants/is able/has the guts to do that with (expensive) devices. That’s why you call them USERS. For them it should work as advertised/expected. Period.



Exactly this. When I bought my Homey sphere the blog post was already posted. ( I have my Homey sphere about a year). I did go through the website, read the how-to’s and examples, watched all the Youtube movies. I found that I took the required effort to make an educated decision on purchasing a commercial product from a Dutch company (this is important to me personally).
On hindsight however, I did miss that one blog post where they stated that they were going to drop desktop support. When I found out that they were planning this, I did scan through the later posts and they only kept saying that they were going to make the mobile app better (which obviously couldn’t do any harm :slight_smile: ) . They kept quiet from there on that desktop support was going to disappear from then on. (It’s possible that they did mention it somewhere else, but I couldn’t find it back then)

I don’t think it’s fair to keep pushing back on this, with the excuse that the company made one blog post one-and-a-half year ago stating that they were going to drop something they are actively advertising with on the rest of all of their communication channels (their website, manual/how to’s, YouTube flicks, etc.) up to the last day before the 2.0 release.

Also people opting-out for the newsletters isn’t very strange I think, as the majority of the newsletters are commercial subjects and/or (silly/funny/nice) examples for usage that may or may not apply to you. (personally I do read them all for possible inspiration, but I can imagine that a lot of people don’t go through the effort as the vast majority of the info doesn’t apply to them)



I updated to 2.0 yesterday and overall i am pleased with the new app. All homey apps that i have still works good with 2.0. With some patience we will get a desktop/webinterface from athom or the community.



Just saw the announcement for Homey Flow for Web… great! Looks like they finally did listen to the people asking for a desktop version. So I guess my update to 2.0 will be coming sooner than expected, after all!

[Edit] upon closer inspection… I guess not. It’s not “a COMPLETE desktop experience”, it only handles the flows. Everything else still needs the app. I can’t even update to 2.0 without the app.



What’s consensus at the moment about version 2.0? To upgrade or not to upgrade, that’s the question…

What is still missing from the new web ui ? Are there any stability problems?
Zigbee keeps loosing connectivity and I hope upgrade might solve this as well.



If you’re using the build in home/away detection in 1.5.13 and it’s reliable for you, wait with the update otherwise go for it.
(don’t expect an improvement on Zigbee however, there has been no changes on that part)



How did you manage to setup home presence ? It never reacts in my case, on the phone at least