Xiaomi / Aqara Smart Home - Zigbee App (v0.4.3)



Hey @TedTolboom Just want to check something with you:

I have a couple of Aqaras temperature sensors and the other day when i´ve paired a new sensor with homey it acted a bit strange. At first homey could not find it. Then after several tries it did work and the sensor is id:ed correct (se below)


Now my problem is that in the developer it is id:ed as an unknown device and it seems that it doesnt want to get in the mesh with the others.

I´m not shure on were to start error searching. Is it the app or homey?



I have seen that also that is shows as an unknown device in the dev page.
I solve this to start adding another sensor and the when you get to the point you want to pair close the window and refresh the dev page and it should be fine then


I always reboot Homey after adding another Aqara device otherwise you see unknown device. I seems that de Zigbee information only updates after a reboot…


Please be smoke alarm and flood sensors! :stuck_out_tongue:


No need to reboot do as i did say it works


Nope, only extra code for battery status.


Not showing here… Does it need a re-include?


Is 1.5.13 rc 14 stable enough to give it a try? I’am looking forward to see the battery status form my Aqara devices.


Read my comment… One post above yours. I am on the latest firmware. All seems stable, but I don’t see battery status (yet).


@TedTolboom is busy updating the app as we speak. Don’t know when it will be released or if re-adding is necessary.


:rofl: you guys are killing me…

So yes, in Homey’s Zigbee core a minor issue has been fixed resulting in that a custom Xiaomi (lifeline) report is provided (to the app) correctly parsed. This will enable, among others the battery reporting.

Although the battery reporting is prepared for in most of the device driver code / capabilities, it still needs to be enabled and individually verified for all devices.

So no, updating to RC14 will not give you the additional features by itself; it will require the next Xiaomi / Aqara Zigbee app update in combination with RC14. Don’t install RC14 only for this reason.

It will take me some time to verify the code updates for all devices.
Adding this line to the RC14 changelog did spoil my december 5th present :wink:


At least we do not have to push the button every 2 seconds with the latest update.
Thanks for your work and good luck with the future update


Thanks guys, the reboot fixed it. I have 27 zigbee devices and only now this issue appeard so i thought something was wrong, but hey: allways the basic first step. “Did you do a reboot?” :smiley:


Sinterklaas :gift: comes early this year!! Much appreciated :smile:


Any ideas what to do with the vibration module, im ordering too much cheap aqara stuff and cant really find where to put them.


I use mine on a water pump that’s on a timer - when I’m out I know for sure it’s started\stopped (Or rather I did before push messages stopped working!)


Iam going to but the vibration modules in the pillows of my couch and chairs so it detects if someone is in the room. the human body sensors are not always seeing movements when you are reading at an table quietly. But the vibration modules detect movements when you adjusting in your seat.


Ls, Is in this app an support for “Xiaomi Mijia Honeywell Smoke Detector

Thanks for the response.


This is an amazing idea. Can’t believe I didn’t think of that!

I’m also thinking to stick it under the guestroom bed to somehow detect that we have guests for various things

Another thought - if you’re using your Homey for home security, have one stuck to your homey that starts the alarm if it’s touched (in case someone trying to unplug it before that can happen)



you ofcourse can look at the app store