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Xiaomi / Aqara Smart Home - Zigbee App (v0.5.3)



I remove couple of those from Homey and pairing again. Now those working good. Have to do same to all.


Must say that I’m experiencing problems with my body sensors as well.
I am on the experimental sofware; 1.5.13
As a first action, I re-activated the logging under “insights”.
Let’s see…


This loss of communication is common, I see it in other forums too.


OK, so I have changed the loging of the body sensors on the insights page and it works like a charm again!


So, has anyone stolen the Xiaomi Installation Code or managed to join an original network created by a Xiaomi Mi Smart Home Gateway yet?


@TedTolboom can we expect your “sinterklaas” present on time?


I have several Aqara Movement sensors. But after a while they stop responding to movement. The Lux value is updated even when the movement information is no longer working. Readding sometimes works but never for long. Any ideas?


Hi, I bought the Aqara Vibration Sensor but have a problem adding it to homey. I have tried many times by pushing the button for 5 seconds. After a while it says that no zigbee device was found. Sometimes it starts adding it but ends with the same error.
Is there any other way off adding it? I tried pressing the button all the time while it is discovering, but no luck. Also restarted homey, did not work either.


Keep on pushing the button every 1-2 second until paired.


Bad application. Door sensors are unstable. The motion sensors do not change the lux value. Smart socket does not change the value. The double wall switch accidentally starts the scene …

It’s a trap. I do not want a system of developers. Third party .
The company, however, is miserable. They are not responsible for third parties. Bad system. grr vrr :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Great input,… the door sensors do work perfectly here and work as stable as can be!!

Thanks Ted for all the work you have put into making this wonderfull app! I really appreciate it :+1:


I totally agree with that!


@Agent848 It would help to explain the issues your are experiencing… instead of only venting the feeling you have.

Next to myself, there are plenty of community members that are supporting other members in knowledge and solutions to their issues.

Just my 2 cents


Hi @Skee
Thanks, it worked :grinning:



  1. My English is minimal. I use google translate.
  2. I am not a programmer but a very demanding user.
    Problem 1: Door sensor - After each update, you need to re-pair the sensor. I work for about 1 day. Then I will stop working and I do not respond to the change of state. 10x I paired 3 door sensors !!! Always the same problem!
    Problem 2: Human body sensor - Does not update the light value. I have paired this 6X sensor without change. It only works for a few minutes after paring.
    (I’m not the first user who wrote it here with a problem.)
    Problem 3: xiaomi smart socket plug - Does not update the consumption value. New pairing does not help. 8x re-pair.
    It works a few minutes after paring, then the value is stuck.
    Problem 4: Xiaomi double wall switch WXKG02LM - The buttons randomly trigger my scene. The big problem is that I’m set to open the garage door. This way the garage gate opens and closes spontaneously. The other button controls the entrance gate for the car. The second button triggers the scene multiple times. I have paired 3X.

When it comes to 4 devices. I see the problem in the application.

Of course, I’ve repeatedly restarted the athom control unit.
The devices are within reach of ATHOM 3 - 11 meters. They do not belong either at ATHOM or at a distance. Still the same problem.

Xiaomi thermometer, cube, switch key, I work reliably.

That’s why I’m hungry and distraught. I’m tired of trying again and still restarting. As a user I do not see the program.
I am electric, but these Xiaomi devices with your application and the ATHOM control unit are not reliable.

ATHOM and:
Sonoff no problem.
Shelly no problem.

I’m sorry if I offended for your work. But I did not expect much trouble.


Perhaps you could consider adding some ‘routers’ in your zigbee network. This means trying to add some ikea or hue bulbs or osram smart sockets. These products act as routers in your system and create a lot more stability.

Thankfully I cannot relate to any of your problems but I can understand that it frustrates you when things are not working accordings to your expectations.


Hi guys, is the latest version of this app allready compatible with homey 2.0? Mine are not working.


Hi @Marcel_Visser, it is working here for two weeks on v2.0. What is not working?


Might take a half a hour. Perhaps the mash network needs to rebuild?


I’m not able to pair my Aqara vibration devices.
I tried pressing the button for 5 sec.
The blue light comes up and flashes 2 times. I do release the button. Some seconds after that the device flashes 3 times. At that moment the pairing app says: “apparaat wordt toegevoegd” but nothing happens after that.
I also tried pressing the button 3 times, the same result.
I tried it with two different devices.

After a while the app says no zigbee device found

What am I doing wrong?

After many tries it did look like pairing succeeded. But it ended in an unknow Zigbee device.
After this I removed the device.
Looking at the device: