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Xiaomi / Aqara Smart Home - Zigbee App (v0.5.3)



Maybe a very dumb question but I reboot my Homey every last day of the month. This has been working perfect for the last 4 months. However, the reboot of last week really screwed up my Window\ Door contact sensors and smart wireless buttons. They are not functioning at all anymore until I remove them and re-add the devices by hand. Is this something known? Not really keen on having to do this every month as it has been working like a charm in the past.
Note that my xiaomi Motion sensors and temperature\humidity sensors are not suffering from these restarts?



Aqara Wireless Remote Switch Double stop working after 0.4.2 update. Aqara Wireless Remote Switch Single working fine.


Ok, I see, I have to fix my flows.


i was able to include the sensor by continuously clicking the button(keeping the sensor awake)
thanks for the help!


The same is happening here (loosing connection to temperature and motionsensor after restarting homey) :frowning:
Any solution, @TedTolboom ?


@Jahn_K Try re-pairing the device without removing it first. Homey will refuse to pair it, but after this procedure the device might work again. This procedure worked for me.


I seem to have a problem adding a recently received temperature/humidity sensor. First dozen or so attempts resulted in Homey reporting no zigbee device found.

Then, after completely ignoring the pairing instructions and just spamming the include button on the device like there’s no tomorrow, it paired.

I was happy, until I saw it was added as generic device.

@TedTolboom Hopefully the pictures/screenshots are helpful. If not, what else can I provide so you can have any judgement on what could be the problem? Thanks as always!

Edit: hmmm device ID and profile ID appear to be the same as my older, working sensors!


Hmmm, I removed the generic device and when I wanted to re-add it, I only got ‘zigbee is busy try again later’ all the time. So I rebooted Homey.Tried once more, this time from the web interface instead of from the app, and lo and behold, it’s working.

It seems there’s nothing wrong with the device (my initial thought) and probably also not with this app… :wink:

Edit: it’s still stuck on initial reported temperature though.


Received an Aqara Wireless Remote Switch Double today to replace a Klik-Aan-Klik-Uit AWST-8802.
Adding it was like a breeze, followed the adding instructions, worked on the first try.

Just one more KAKU te replace and then it’s Bye Bye KAKU! :+1:

I’m so happy with this app!


I have two Aqara Wireless switch (1x-4x) with same problem when trying to pair.
UnKnown ZigBee device. Device ID 259 and Profile 260


Anyone else having problems pairing the Aqara vibration sensor?
The process just times out, Homey can’t find it…

@TedTolboom: I opened a new issue on Github :slight_smile:


I did have the same issue but after 12 times it was connected.
Just try when pairing pressing pair button every 2 or 3 seconds and stay not far away from homey like 1m


I have now tried that about 30 times


@Roger1 similar ID’s as mentioned in this post?

I try to finalize and release the update described in the next posts early next week.


Yes, same ID´s
Thanks for your help


Version 0.4.3 is awaiting app store approval, with the following changes:

Should (read will) fix the issue with not being able to add the new wireless switches!
Thanks to all contributions made to fix this issue on short term!


Thank you Ted! The WXKG11LM works like a charm:+1:


Included it today and works great


same here


v0.4.3 should now be available in the app store.