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Xiaomi / Aqara Smart Home - Zigbee App (v0.5.3)



Thanks for the answer @Theo_Deckers
I was confused by the channel 6-10 bit. I can only set a channel specific number in my router. Now it makes sense.


Homey uses Zigbee channel 11, that one overlaps with Wifi channel 1. The example in the article of giving up Wifi channel 11 was for Zigbee to use (Zigbee) channel 24 (Which Homey can’t use)
Your repeater is in fact in the same frequency space as Homey’s Zigbee.


Got 11x one button wireless remotes, they are manufactured 2018 sept 06, these are the old models without 2 click and long press, either they still do both or the break was sept 6 or later for 2018 model.


Having some issues with my double wall switch (I think)
It seems to light a light underneath when I press it, which I’ve not seen before

Any ideas what this means?


To add to the above the switch in question still shows connected in developer.athom and still shows as a router, and the other switch that had been routing via it is also not working

I’m really reaching the end of my tether - what with this and the issues I’m having with my Yeelights I’m about ready to throw in the towel, so hope someone can please help me


Aqara Motion Sensor (with light level meter) - works great with your app.
And this little $10 thingie is WAAAAAY faster and sensitive than the EUR40 Philips Hue Motion Sensor it replaced (connected direct as a Zigbee device to Homey via the Hue Zigbee App).
This one is in “old” white/no-fancy-colour-photo-on-packaging that also works with the new Homekit Aqara Hub.
As a general observation, the Hue sensor only works acceptably fast when controlling Hue lights.
Used either in Homekit or Homey it gives you a rather critical 1-1,5 sec delay, which confuses people and quickly starts getting on your nerves.


This is what the new ones with single/double/hold look like: with a colour photo on the front (or back) and tech info on the bottom, likely designated “International edition”, comes with a multilingual manual. These are Double Rocker Wireless Switches, I assume same applies to your Single ones.

The product number and date on the label is no indication - I also got burned getting 3 “old” wireless mini switches that I can only do 1x 2x 3x 4x scenes with.


Anyone able to help with my issue above. I have at least two ZigBee devices showing in the routing table that won’t even cause a notification to send…


Hi all :slight_smile:
A few weeks ago I got three Aqara Vibration sensors in the mail. Not quite sure why I ordered them, because I can’t think of any real use for them… :joy:
Anyone got any cool, and usefull, flows to share?


Trow one in your car and set the alarm if it moves (senses vibrations) while you are sleeping.


First, I don’t have one, but I was thinking about it.

I’m not sure but I wonder if I could tape it under a table,when I knock on the table it turns on/off lights … Could be useful, or just fun.

Other ideas i’ve had (but no idea if they would work).

  • Place it on top of a washer/dryer/dishwasher as a cheap method to determine if they are ‘on’.
  • Put it on/in a door to determine if someone is knocking on a door?
  • Put them under my stairs to determine if someone is coming up/down the stairs and turn on the light (rather than visible motion sensor)
  • Place on my dogs collar to determine if he is chillin out or running around?
  • wrap it up in plastic and place it on side gate to be notified if someone is trying to get in as I cant use a contact sensor there.
  • Place it one under the couch, and when vibrated and tv off - turn tv on? Though that could get tricky when getting up.

Anyone able to verify if any this would work?



Begging for some help… I really am now at a loss…

Aqara Double Wall Switch, powered on, connected.
Showing in the routing table.
Simple flow exists to try and confirm it’s working

I do not get the notification.
NB. I have notifications set up for Turned Off / Turned On on both sides and get nothing
I have other zigbee devices in the mesh that are working fine
I have other zigbee devices in the mesh that are not working fine as they were previously routing via this device but have instead chosen a device that I presume is too far away

What can I do?


There are issues with notifications in the Homey app. See here and in other topics in the forum. Did you check in another way without notifications? For example have Homey say something or switch a light?


Oh, really?
I’ve been receiving notifications for months without any issue… when did this arise?!

I only set up the notifications as a test since it stopped doing my light, but maybe that might be the problem. Will have a go this eve and see what happens


This happened after an upgrade of the Chrome engine caused blank screens in the Homey apps. The fix for that apparently broke notifications for some.


Mine have stopped completely, tried adding\removing the phone. Can you set the LED to flash in addition to the push? That’ll confirm.


The notifications not pushing is discussed in another topic, or maybe several. There is also GH issues for it. Plz stay on-topic.


Is it possible to get the scenes “Held Down” and “Released” on WXKG11LM as on WXKG01LM or there is limitation on the firmware.


Sorry i asked it before on slack but didn‘t get a answer. So i ask here: is it possible to use key held and key released to dim hue lights in homey that are connected through the hue app?

Thx for your replies


Yes, you could make some really nice flows for that.’’

Anyone good at flows, i want to rotate my cube to raise or lower the volume via harmony, im a newb so im not getting any progress.

Anone got a good sugestion on a flow?

Also dimming of lights? how?