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Vibration Sensor?
Hi i have a Problem, I will Pairing a new Sensor Vibration . Homey make Adding Device after few Minute. Came No Zigbee Device found. I have tested with 3 Sensor and every is the same. Have you a Idea for me


You need to press the pair button while pairing until finished several times.


thank you it work´s


You can also use the vibration sensor at your mailbox. When opened motion is detected and you can let homey tell you the mailman has just dropped your new Chinese stuff in the mailbox :grinning:


Hi, did you press the pair button of the vibration sensor 5 seconds, each time? I also have the problem with pairing the vibration sensor but it only flashes for 2 times and is not paired, even after trying many times. Thnx


I’d like some help with defining flow(s) to do the following.
Situation: Somebody enters the Toilet during daytime when it’s too dark for the lights to be turned off
Desired result: Turn on the lights when detecting motion and sensing it’s too dark in the room
Edge-case: It’s night time, so the lights should be dimmed to a minimum to prevent me waking up :wink:
Planned solution:
Flow: WHEN motion alarm is turned on AND luminance is X and time is between 0:00 & 7:00 THEN [Then More] timer enabled dim Toilet-light to 40% for 120 seconds, keep running timer if it is longer than this timer, Restore to previous state (if controlling anyway)
ELSE dim Toilet-light to 5% for 120 seconds, keep running timer if it is longer than this timer, Restore to previous state (if controlling anyway)
Setting sensor: Disable motion alarm after 60 sec

Problems with this setup:

  1. I don’t know how to realise the luminance in the AND section of the flow
  2. During a stay longer than 120 sec. the lights turn off (and turn on after a while when sensing motion) > the timer is not extended when motion is detected during stay > I realise this (also) has to do with the ThenMore app, but I don’t want to spam too many people at once.

Anyone here that can help me out? Would be very much appreciated!

Some stuff I also don’t get:

  • Why can you set the ‘disable motion alarm’ to min. 60 sec? What can’t a timer be reset if it detects motion after 10 sec? I’d like the lights to be on as little as possible, but not having dark moments while trying to not spill on the floor.
  • To what value should the luminance be set to approximately when it’s too dark to pee without lights?

Timer (v0.4.3 stable (Homey V1.5) - 0.7.2 beta (Homey V2)) - (FKA Then More) add Timers to temporarily turn on devices

I suppose you use a dimmer of any sort. Set the desired setting in the THEN part of the flow

copy of old post Kitchen light goes of


I am trying to use the Then More app to reduce the amount of flows. Therefore the solution on this item doesn’t work here. There was a minor bug in the code that has been corrected and submitted for approval. So I think the ThenMore app will be very useful for simplifying flows where a light needs to be on for a certain time only.


I have push the Button every Second all the Time. When Cluster 6 is finish. And it work


Anybody using the ‘Aqara Human Body Sensor’ for measuring the Luminance? I am trying to, but notice very inconsistent values. I’m using the device indoor in the hallway, to trigger the light on movement when it is below 25lx…but the values differ much more than the light coming in from outside.

How realiable are the measures of your sensor?


Mine seem terrible, but i think it’s because it measures only on motion, so if you have a light coming on with it for example sometimes it measures before the light sometimes after… that’s my assumption anyway

I had to stop using it and use a nearby zwave sensor i have


Could you make an example, I don’t understand the working of this app


Has the app just been updated or something? All my ZigBee devices are unresponsive all of a sudden…


Have I ever released an update without announcing it? No.

No update has been released.


Fair point!

Very odd, whole ZigBee network (all Aqara, bar one bulb that’s linked to Aqara sensor so couldn’t easily test) just went unresponsive

Was heading to bed so didn’t get around to a Homey reset, but all working as expected this morning

As I say, very odd!


@TedTolboom nu 1.5.13 stable is zijn we natuurlijk heel benieuwd naar de verbeterde Aqara ondersteuning, is er al nieuws mbt 4.4?


Exactly the same here. It’s mostly the same devices dropping. Usually a wireless Xiaomi switch that’s further away from Homey, but right next to the 2 Tradfri spots it controls and that actually work from Homey, so mesh range should be sufficient. Or a Xiaomi PIR that’s in the hall, also pretty much next to Ikea bulbs.

I have the same -mainly with Xiaomi sensors- that devices were dropped. Maybe some solutions I came across… But please add/ reply to help me solving this. Have around 40 sensors (motion / door / temperature)

Re-pair: It seems possible to re-pair by

  1. Set Sensor in pairing mode without doing anything
  2. Dis connect and re-connect (close to the homey or should I do this at the spot were the sensor is)?
  3. Click 3 times or 1 time on the button

Monitoring all sensors in an easy way

  1. I created two templates in “Insights/ Inzichten” one for “temperature” and one for “door open”. When there is graph data logged, it seems to function… But some doors or windows aren’t open that often…
  2. Used the “Apparaten niet gerapporteerd card” and simple log (plugin) with some variables:

    Only active for one day…so no evaluation

Max of 20 Zigbee Endpoints
Is that true? I use https://developer.athom.com/tools/zigbee to monitor my Zigbee network to count this

First-pairing doesn’t work
For some reason these devices are unable to pair, with many many attempts :frowning: In some cases that also happens when a device is disconnected… odd…


The aqara temp and humidity sensor, I’m using it to control a humidifier in my bedroom to turn it on or off, I’m a bit curious how often the intervals are set, I set a push message as soon as humidity changes, sometimes I get a message every hour, and sometimes every minute, why does it change and how does this work?


I have 11 Xiaomi Aqara Human Body Sensors in my house. Those works before perfectly. But after last week Homey update, they send motion alarm only randomly. I have also many Xiaomi Aqara Smart Switches, but those works good. And all other zigbee devices works good. Only those Xiaomi Aqara Human Body Motion sensors not work anymore.


I remove couple of those from Homey and pairing again. Now those working good. Have to do same to all.