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Xiaomi / Aqara Smart Home - Zigbee App (v0.5.4)



3 x EndDevice
8 x Router
1 x Coordinator (Homey)
2 x EndDevice vc Router

I do not think that the # of EndDevices is a problem. Especially because after not being able to pair my new (4x) Xiaomi Mi ZigBee - Aqara Wireless Remote Switch Double (WXKG02LM) with Homey, I succeeded to pair 2 x Xiaomi Mi ZigBee, Aqara Human Body Sensors. And it works fine.



@Paul, not being able to pair or pairing is successfull, but the device is added as “generic Zigbee device”?

There are some more reports that Xiaomi / Aqara changed the ID’s of the devices (without changing the product number)… therefore during inclusion the right app / driver can not be found.
First tests show that simply adding the additional ID’s doesn’t result in a working driver… so it appears that more has been changed.

Can you post a screenshot of the Device information (ID’s)?



Like this ?


:tired_face: yep, same issue… WTF…


That is too bad, Ted!
Why on earth do they change device ID’s? Other controllers must also have issues with changing ID’s…

I am sure you will be able to solve it again (like with the same ID mess with the Eurotronics Spirit valves).

Good luck!!


So, it appears that Xiaomi / Aqara made some breaking firmware changes to the Aqara wireless switches (known today)… without changing the product numbers…

A quick fix (adding the new ID’s) to the existing drivers does not result in working devices…

That means that I’ll need to get my hands on the new affected devices, to create new drivers and also to be able to provide support. Ordering at Ali, taking lead time and uncertainty on which version I will get, is no option.

So, best option is to call for community support… (that is you!)

I’m currently looking for community members that have the following devices, which they are willing to send to me (in the Netherlands):

  1. Aqara Wireless switch (WXKG11LM) which has the Product ID (in Homey): lumi.remote.b1acn01 > provided by @Mustang
  2. Aqara Wireless Remote Switch Single (WXKG03LM) which has the Product ID (in Homey): lumi.remote.b186acn01
  3. Aqara Wireless Remote Switch Double (WXKG02LM)which has the Product ID (in Homey): lumi.remote.b286acn01 > provided by @Paul

Can you send me a direct message on the forum or on Slack ?

In addition, I’m also looking for some sponsors that are willing to support this activity / app through a paypal contribution and that will help to compensate the members sending these devices to me; so they can order a replacement and so that I can add support for these devices…

Who is willing to support?


20€ +
Thanks for your work


Can’t help with the mentioned devices, but did make a donation.

Good luck Ted


@TedTolboom , i´ll be happy to send it to you ( the smart switch), just give me an adress :slight_smile:

Hilox with issue no. #90 in github

Update: i see now that Mustang provided you with one so hopefully my 20EUR will make some difference :slight_smile:
I dont have the other devices.
Thanks for your work. (Y)


@TedTolboom 15€ donation from good old germany to you. Hope you will work on this app in the future. I think my wxkg02lm would be to expensive to send? But if there is Nobody Then please contact me and i will send it to you.

Greeds Philipp




Just received today switch with same ID and also unknown Zigbee device


Good evening,
I can (will) send you a
Aqara Wireless Remote Switch Double (WXKG02LM)] which has the Product ID (in Homey): lumi.remote.b186acn01.

How do I proceed ?


Since I only have switches with other ID’s, I’ve sent a donation instead.


I also have the lumi.remote.b1acn01 device (was so excited to try it today :sweat_smile:). Supported!


Hi Ted! After reading this post, I have posted bulletins on both the SmartThings and Hubitat community forums asking for users to let me know if they have received one of these new versions of these three wireless switch devices.

On those two platforms, I should be able to see what’s changed based on users’ log output, and hopefully update the SmartThings and Hubitat device drivers to provide compatibility.

If helpful, I can share any of my findings once I’ve received reports from users with one of the new versions of the switches. I know that Homey works very differently from SmartThings/Hubitat, but the basics of what cluster / attribute ID data is sent should be useful between all three platforms.


You got to love this community; at least I really do!
Thanks for all the great responses, thinking along and provided contributions!

I hope to receive the first devices in the next days / early next week, so I can see what needs to be done to add support for these devices. In the meantime, I figured out a way to be able to handle different device ID’s and logic without making it visible to the end user (prevent all devices to appear double in the app store / inclusion dialog)…

@veeceeoh any support is always appreciated!
Advantage of having the devices myself, is that I can listen in on the communication between the device and Homey (or the Xiaomi Hub)… without being dependent on the Zigbee (logging) implementation of Homey.


Is there any news about vibration sensor?


New capability icons (for tilt and tilt alarm) will be available tomorrow.
Goal is to finalize the Vibration sensor’s driver / app update this weekend.


Thank you :slight_smile:
I have now 3 of them and also some ideas to use it :wink: