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Xiaomi / Aqara Smart Home - Zigbee App (v0.5.5)


it is Zigbee and will work


General messages for anyone testing Homey SW 2.0.0-rc.x in combination with using this app:

  1. Currently we see that the flow card triggers for several apps are not responding at all or not all the time. This seems to be an SW 2.0.0-rc.x related issue, since multiple apps suffer from the same is.
  2. I am receiving several manual provided diagnostics reports of users on SW 2.0.0-rc.x. Please understand that this is raw debug logging, which only makes sense if you know the context of the issue. So if you experience a problem, either mention it here or create an issue on Github and add the log ID to it.


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I have also the problem that a simple flow of a Aqara button and a speech cards is not triggered. When you test the flow it works. When you push the button nothing happens… no speech nothing.

All my flows with zigbee are not processed/triggered at all. Removed the flows than add them … nothing is running.
I look in the device cards everything is responding on movements, magnet sensors or temperature / humidity / pressure. But in a flow nothing happens.

Running homey 2.0 RC-3 did several PTP


Thx Ted


Completely recognized.
Please mind that using push notifications in the current rc3 is also broken… did take some time to figure this one out…

How to send variable to mobile phone as message in gen 2 app

Thnx Ted.

Not only push notifications. A aqara button that triggers a KAKU wireless ACDB-6000AC is also not working. Different flows with devices containing different radio protocols are not working.

So currently nothing works here anymore… I now need to turn the lights on manually…almost forgot howto… fortunately my low level wiring in the house still works… So I start drinking tea and wait…for a fix.:coffee::face_with_monocle:


I try to get this issue high(er) on the list of Athom to solve ASAP…


Am I maybe being cheeky if I ask if there has been any progress with the sinterklaas kado (battery life) :)?


At first I had issues when triggering flows with the Xiaomi wireless switch. Then I changed the flow trigger from “When a button is pressed” to “A scene was activated”. Then it works, flawlessly!!


Yes you are :joy:

Since V2.0.0 has been released, I’d first like to focus to get the basic functionality working (again); or support Athom with finding the rootcause of this issue.

For some reason, this is almost the only card that is working; which I don’t understand yet.
@Rocodamelshe also reporting issues with the triggers used for the Cube
I tested quite some trigger cards now for different devices and even different apps; and most are not working :thinking:


Related to this, does that mean V2 is going to have some improvements to Zigbee stability?

I have one hard wired Aqara double switch that just gives timeout errors fairly frequently but for no apparent reason
If I go to sleep and wake up generally it is working again, but it’s very flakey

What’s really odd is that it is asking as a router for a few other switches that work just fine!


Thought so and very understandable.

Good luck Ted!


@Ruskie I appreciate your compliment a lot; good to hear!

And let’s keep it respectful in commenting to one another, especially since not everyone has the same fluency in expressing their problem in English.
@Agent848 already apologized, so there is no need to come back to this comment. Ok?


Yessir! Deleted per your request!

It wasn’t the language alone, though, it was the message of the “demanding user” that ticked me off. “Entitled” people fail to be thankful for small mercies, like enjoying the fruits of software developer work, entirely for free!

But, like you said…!


Athom announced that the problem with triggering the flow cards has been found and fixed in 2.0.0-rc.4.
Once that is available, I’ll test it and give you the feedback.

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YES YES YES GREAT Thanks/dankjewel Ted


Installed RC4 my zigbee switches still doesn’t work :frowning:


There is still a issue in rc4, which I reported to Athom on Friday, that flow triggers only work when an new flow is created.

If you change a trigger or re-use one, the trigger won’t work. Checking if there is any progress right now.



It isn’t possible to remove/add the wireless switch (lumi.sensor_86sw1lu). (also reported @athom)


@Sjalabert Thanks for reporting.
I have seen this issue also with other Zigbee devices; can you post the response from Athom here?