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Xiaomi / Aqara Smart Home - Zigbee App (v0.5.5)


And typical Homey:
Today the same procedure doesn’t work at all again! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Damn it.



Is it just an install of the app and then pair the device or must i do also some changing/adding manually to homey to het it to work/

I want to order a Xiaomi Aqara Body Sensor for testing, but not sure if it is as easy to install as KAKU or other devices.

So is it just install the app and follow the instrucions when adding the device or must there be done more to get it to work?


Install the app on homey en walla


install the app and follow the instrucions, easy peasy


a ok thx, i ask this because in the app store there is a note like this:

This app is using HomeyConfig composer.
Please file Pull Requests on the development branch of this repository and with respect to the refactored files in /drivers and /config folders.

It suggest that i have to do something more then just install the app and done.


Like Roy said. And Erik also.
Install app, add device and ur good to go.


Yeah, should be like that. :wink:
Still isn’t here, but - should be.


And did you manage to fix this?


Hi Ted.
Don’t wanna get on your nerves (btw: you should ask Athom to pay developers money for the(ir) work you guys do - I mean w/o the 3rd party Apps Homey is nothing but a (better!?) raspberry)…

Though I need to report again: After reinstalling the Xiaomi app and adding 2 Motion sensors to the blank zigbee sector - no more motion (or vibration) sensors can be added. Temp and door sensors: no problem to add them now. But homey doesn’t react to any motion sensor after 2 are installed.
It looks to me like kinda limitation for that “category” (?) of sensors maybe?


Yeah, the problem has come back here, too after stable 2.0.0.
Up to four of my aqara human body sensors trigger, sometime only three. Always the last one triggered does not report motion.

Man! And I was so happy with the stability of this Homey.
Just ordered a bunch of z-wave motion sensors.

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First of all, thanks for your great work!

I recently upgraded to Homey v2.0 (like many others :wink: ) functionally everything works :sunglasses:

Dunno if it is mentioned already but i think I found a little bug in the Xiaomi app, Since the upgrade to v2 all Xiaomi sensors report empty batteries, I replaced one but does not solve it (would be a real coincidence ofcource that they are all empty at once )

I only have sensors from Xiaomi, some bulps from ikea but can’t test other make end-devices


Look up ^^ and you shall find the answer. No battery until Athom fixes something on zigbee.


Same issue here with the thirth Aqara motion sensor. The sensor is visible in the Zigbee network but I receive no triggers.


Updated to v2.0. Forgot to clean up prior to - had two ghost Aqara Wireless 2018 switches initially paired with Homey but later re-paired with the Aqara Hub. Now it expectedly says Device unavailable/Unknown error, but I can’t remove the darn thing, the app gives me “status.could_not_find_zigbee_shepherd_device” error.

Re-installing the app would mess up my several flows with motion sensors, etc.

Is there a way to force remove a device that is no longer paired?



Had the same as well, so I uninstalled the app.
After that it was possible to at least add 2 (no, now it’s 3!) motion sensors but not more.

Thank God, 2.0 is stable (I mean „stable not working“ is though stable…) :grin:


Sounds like I`m going to be on 1.5 for a long period yet with 20+ Aqara devices :grin:


I have a huge problem with my aqara human sensors. I have 20 sensors and sometimes one of them won’t report motion to homey, it’s not always the same sensor. Really annoying! Is this a bug or what?


Works well with 2.0 so again kudo’s to @TedTolboom! I already gave the man some money a while back, but would definitely encourage others to do the same for his great work!

One thing through: I would like to know if it will be possible in the (near) future to have the temperature state of the temperature sensors in the devices page, like it currently works with my Tado thermostat for temp and Hue lights for state (so basically the little round circle in the top right corner with the state).


This has been asked by community developers: https://github.com/athombv/homey-apps-sdk-issues/issues/17 and by users on facebook: https://athomcommunity.slack.com/archives/C04E9KJAD/p1547630451428900 but its untill now only acknowledged as a suggestion :frowning:
Please ask Athom for this functionality here: https://support.athom.com/hc/en-us/requests/new getting more and more requests may get it higher on the list!

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This is indeed an awsome app! Thanks @TedTolboom!
I will head over to the donations page now to contribute to this great app.