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Xiaomi / Aqara Smart Home - Zigbee App (v0.5.5)


Don’t know for sure, am not aware we have beta-phone-apps? But otoh, i’ve seen people (like our master forum-lord @Rocodamelshe ) saying that might be the case…

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And an answer?


I am surprised that it is possibly an app issue…


Thats OK :slight_smile:


247 is indeed from TestFlight, testing program for iOS .


@TedTolboom With the latest release of 2.0 yesterday I made it to install many of the devices that couldn’t be added before. (Motion sensor, Vibration sensor…)
Looks like there was a pretty bug in the RC versions before concerning that issue.


Any hope of introducing support for Aqara Tuneable White Model ZNLDP12LM?

It’s Zigbee, not Wi-Fi, unlike the Philips ones.


I’ve just uploaded the v0.5.0 release to the app store, waiting for Athom’s approval.

Changelog as described below:


@Mario_Me good to hear! But I still don’t understand it…
No Zigbee updates have been included in any 2.0.0 releases (re-confirmed by Athom)… So something fishy is going on…

I had on Bulb on order, which turned out undeliverable… so re-ordered one today; still have to wait ~ 14 days for it to arrive here


And now available in the app store :sunglasses:


Smoke detectors?




Thanks Ted!

The motion sensors are not reporting yet. Bet they need some time to become visible.


Eh, are those two words a question to inspire the developer to add extra functionality to this great App he developed in his spare time?

Would that work for you?


Well I donated some cash recently, I hope that encourage him.


@Skee I appreciate the contribution you made.

But like indicated before in this topic and the app’s readme, I can’t add support for the smoke-, natural gas- and water leak- sensors before Athom has implemented the Intrusion Alarm Systems cluster into the Zigbee core.

Athom has indicated to not do any further additions based on this Zigbee implementation and will focus on rewriting the Zigbee core first (!, not sure if IAS cluster will be added as first release) as part of one of the major updated after 2.0 has been released (no timing mentioned).

I have the devices available and the Xiaomi / Aqara app is prepared for it to the extend I am able to do now; Athom will need to deliver the final connection.

Since the Github issue on this has been archived, the only thing I can recommend is to create an issue at Athom to try to increase the priority on the Zigbee rewrite.

… I don’t like it either …


Thanks for your effort, keep at it.


The sensors which have reported, are all stating 100% battery level. Do I need to do anything for the level to become realistic?

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Same question… all sensors are 100% at the moment.

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I’d say, you didn’t use them as you should have. So use them more! :rofl:

But to put it in perspective: of all the devices I have been using since the start of the development of this app (mid 2017), non have ended up with an empty battery yet. My 2 temperature sensors, continuously reporting over 1.5 years, show a level of 73% and 87% and those are the lowest among my devices.

Perhaps good to explain the way the battery value is determined (as also used by several other home automation controllers):

As part of the lifeline report (0xFF01), the Xiaomi / Aqara device also sends the actual voltage of the battery.

The battery percentage is determined based on the reported voltage, as:
Battery value (percentage) = (reportedVolts - minVolts) / (maxVolts - minVolts) * 100
with maxVolts = 3.0 (V) and minVolts = 2.5 (V)

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Hey @TedTolboom, i cannot See the battery levels of my doorsensors or tempsensors. Do i habe to ptp? I have the 0.5.0 app version.