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Xiaomi / Aqara Smart Home - Zigbee App (v0.5.5)


We are stil waiting for 0.5.2 is there a problem you probably know?


@Rob Still waiting for approval…
I’ll kick Athom for the approval of this update.

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Ok, thank’s for replying Ted!
I thought that it was in the app software because in the old insight i had the statics on all the sensors in the vibration device, now i only get battery, not any alarms at all…


If you mean like this, then unfortunately IT does not work…


Your variable “Sonos volume - keuken” is now updated, but you need to set the value of this variable, to your Speaker by adding an extra card like:
image Sonos volume - keuken


Hi JPe4619, i have that already in another flow:

This with the flow above is the setup in wich i try to make IT work (+the BL)


@Rob the app update has just been approved.

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This works for me:


Must have missed it but; I now see “OK” in my battery status rather than 100% for all. How does that translate to a percentage (ie; when percentage is below xx% trigger battery alarm)?


In the Battery section, both the battery level as well as the batter alarm is shown (Homey app).
OK, suggests that your primary view is the battery alarm. There is a drop down selection at the top to select the battery value.


Aha! So the “OK” only changes when the battery alarm is triggered.

Cool, good stuff!



Is there support for the Aqara zigbee smart bulbs?

These look really Nice and are only 10(!) Euro.



Pretty certain they’re wifi (not zigbee), which would be covered by the other app

If there are Zigbee ones tho I would love to see them tho!


No, not yet.

Pretty sure they are Zigbee :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I tried to order them several times; so far no luck in actually receiving them.
But, @Rocodamelshe is so kind to send me his bulb (after doing some tests at his side)…
Hope to include support for the bulb in ~2 weeks time.

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Well colour me interested then!
Did a search on Aliexpress and only came up with wifi aqara!


I dont know if it is permitted to share links, buy

Only in White for now. These are different from the yeelights, wich have wifi

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Presumably these will act as a repeater as well to help solidify the mesh?

Random question, does the quality of the zigbee mesh vary by brand? I.e. if I have Innr, Hive and Aqara all being used will that be less good than going for a single brand?


Thx, made a donation


Hi, I am struggling with adding a double wall switch (LN version). I have so far connected a light to only one of the switches, but no matter what I do, the other switch is the one added as a device. When pressing the icon in the Homey app, the other switch clicks alright. When trying to add the other switch, I get an error of duplicate device.

I have tried various sequences of first adding one of the switches, then the other, but all with the same outcome.

Any advice on how to do this?


@bjornand I guess you are using Homey SW v2.0.0 and the latest Homey app version.

The double wall switch will only be represented by 1 device in Homey.
Due to a limitation within the Zigbee core, the second device can’t be added as multichannel node.

In the app, when opening the device, you will see the onoff button.
On top of it, in the latest app, there is a pull down showing the “switch 1” and “switch 2” toggle.

I’m in contact with Athom to remove this drop down version and show the two buttons next to each other (like in earlier builds)