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Xiaomi / Aqara Smart Home - Zigbee App (v0.5.5)


Ah, noe I see it. Yes, I am using the latest versions. Would be good to have this work more logically.


But it seems in HomeKit, which I primarily use, the switch appears as one and there is no obvious way to choose which to control? I might need the Aqara gateway after all?


Hold on @bjornand ! There is no need to start cursing here :wink:

This is indeed related to linking a second switch to the same device; that is not recognized by HomeKit.

This is easily solvable…
Create a virtual switch device for the second switch and link the virtual device through 2 flows to the second switch.

Flow 1: WHEN virtual device switched on THEN switch on second switch
Flow 2: same for off

Easier then buying a Xiaomi gateway right?


First of all, thanks a lot for your quick and competent replies!

And this is indeed better than getting the gateway.

However, being a week-old Homey newbie, I am not sure I know how to set up these virtual devices/flows. Is there a receipe somewhere for this?


OK, I am getting there, using the Virtual Devices app. However, I can only get a device linked to switch one of the double switch. Can’t figure out to link it to the second switch?


Ok, I more or less figured it out, after creating the virtual device as a switch. My only issue now is that in the Home app, when turning on or off the second switch, the status of switch 1 is (erroneously) changed as well. Is there any way to avoid this?


Thanks @Rob for contributing to the development of this app :+1:t2:


I have problems to connect different sensors. including temperature sensor and Wireless switch. The strange thing is that some sensors wil connect, some can not connect.

This is the error code:


I just connected five fresh sensors this afternoon. The trick is that after the long press and the blue flashes, one has to click that same button every two seconds during the started pairing process to keep the sensor alive…


I had no problems in the actual connection process for an Aqara motion sensor, but all last night I had the issue that the sensor did not update for long periods of time, sometimes with 2 hours delays. This morning, it seemed to work again, though, but I fear that might be temporary. Is this a known issue? Any remedies, if so?


@bjornand also thanks for your contribution!

Did not report motion alarm triggers (while motion occured) or did not report lumination levels throughout the night? In the latter case, the sensor only reports lumination levels when motion is detected. Not when the luminance level changes.

After the Zigbee rewrite (by Athom), there might be opportunities to add the luminance data originating from the lifeline report (currently deformed data).


Yes, the problem was it didn’t update/report motion alarms, which is what I use to trigger lights. But it seems to be working quite consistently this morning; perhaps it could be related to my changing the battery of the sensor? Some kind of tampering protection?


Hi Rocodamelshe, i used your sugestion, but unfortenately no succes. Would you mind to share the complete flow(s) to make it happen?


For an Aqara wired wall switch, when these are used in the Home app (which is how I mainly control my smart home), turning on/off switch 2 changes the displayed state of switch 1 (but not the actual state). Is there any way to avoid this?


Hi, still hoping someone can help a Homey newbie… I have an Aqara LN double wall switch installed, and I used Ted’s advice to create a virtual device and two flows to turn on/off switch #2. In the Homey app, this works as intended, both the lefts and right button can be controlled independently of one another and they display the correct on/off status.

However, when these two devices show up in the Home app, things get more complicated. For some reason, the right physical button (which is controlled by the virtual device) can be turned on/off by pressing the icon and it displays the correct state. However, for the left physical button, when turning it on the same way, this also turns on the right button and the same for turning it off. And even if I use the physical button to turn on the right switch, the Home app still shows it being on.

Is there any way to make this work as it should?


100% Zigbee, I have one^ patiently waiting to be supported


Thanks to @Rocodamelshe for offering this Aqara LED bulb, and @Ruskie for his patience :wink:, I was able to fix the final details to be able to add the Aqara LED bulb to the app… so:

Just uploaded to the app store for approval (still waiting).


Can you tell us some of your impressions of the light? Is it better than ikea tradfri by example? How yellow is the white color of these bulbs? And… Does it has support for rgb? Or only white…


Only “shades” of white, no colour, but it has a really nice soft-start/fade-out, even when controlled via Homekit and not the native Mi Home app.

Don’t have any Ikea lights but I can’t think of much this bulb could do but doesn’t. It’s only EUR10 and it’s Zigbee, not Wi-Fi, thus less hassle setting it up and (arguably) more reliable.

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That’s not funny! I was just about ready to give up waiting and then do nothing about it and continue waiting, so the timing is perfect! :rofl: