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Xiaomi / Aqara Smart Home - Zigbee App (v0.5.5)


Now did you hear about the new BLE MESH Yeelights? Announced at CES 2019 and already appearing on Aliexpress…? :slight_smile:


And available in the app store.


Seems like my 86sw2un (double wireless switch) has stopped working since the latest update. It’s not responding anymore.

Anything known?


My double ln wall switch has been playing up for some time but is now apparently giving a bit more info on the device.
It seems to occasionally drop to all red lights under the device

It will fix itself after a time, but then drop again randomly

I’ve tried re pairing and it pairs to homey fine where it is, so distance isn’t an issue

Any thoughts?


Well… My Zigbee network seems to be unreliable, dropping sensors… Happens mainly with Xiaomi devices… I also read about this here at Smartthings community

I am working on a solution/ workaround:

  • Move all Ikea Tradfri Lamps to the Philips Hue network (kids are using the on/off switching on an of sometimes, and than “routers” are missing
  • Xiaomi sensors (over 40) directly on Homey… but since this is either too much or the house is too big I added 5 Trafdri control outlets to function as router

B U T since I am not able to delete devices this plan doesn’t work :frowning: suggestions are more than welcome…

This nice table could be of help for people with similar issues:


What kind of router do you have?
I had similar issues, but looks like it is rock solid stable now on day 6.


I use since Friday Netrebel fiber via TPLINK M9


What channel are you broadcasting at your 2.4 Ghz?

  • Zigbee voor Philips Hue kanaal… 20
  • Sonos… Kanaal…6
  • Zigbee van Homey 11
  • TPLINK wifi… Unable to change channel

try Switch to Channel 11 in your Router at Wi-Fi 2.4 Ghz

Outlook til Android


I saw some mentions of the human body sensors not reporting, I have the same issue, 2 days they stopped triggering, I tried to reboot Homey and take the battery from the sensor but it did not help. i’m on version 0.5.3

I would like to add a screenshot of the triggers in insight but appreantly that info is not available :thinking: (just temp and battery)
If I check the log in the app then the last trigger was 10feb around 18:00


You are right, looks like you can’t change channel on a M9…


Can you disable the Zigbee radio in the TP-Link?


@Erik_M_Madsen @DaneedeKruyff These issues were allready present before my TPLink router …
Deleting zigbee modules is impossible since Homey2.0


Then I’d suggest filing a report at Athom, deleting devices is part of the core not of this or any other app.

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Just did it and waiting for a respons


is it possible to add the xiaomi yeelock? it works via bluetooth


@Otter At this moment, I don’t have any plans to add additional protocols (like BLE) to this app.


Thanks for the fast reply, but this should be possible?


I have this issue with only one of the motion sensors. It only semi-works through a Zigbee router. I think it’s because the distance, but I have other Aqara battery powered devices even further than that and are linked directly with Homey. And the connection does not drop. I almost think the Zigbee range of the motion sensors is much lower.