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Xiaomi mi flora sensor/ropot app

Which Homey version do you have please? Early 2016 / 2018 / 2019 ?

Early 2016

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Hmm… Maybe it’s too soon to be happy, but I accidentally did a ‘System recovery’ when I was cleaning my home. It’s about 2 hours later now and it still updates the values…?!

I checked the experimental updates in the development environment yesterday. Something updated?

I’ll keep you all posted.

You mean you reset whole Homey ?

I don’t know what you have in common. But looks like the bug is related to something else.

Last week my Flora Sensor data was not updated either, yesterday I needed to restart my Homey because of other reasons and now the information is updated again like normal :slight_smile:

Well that sounds like the same thing that happened to me. I restarted by accident and it works again.

All values are updated except the moisture… And looking at your screenshot, yours neither!

I have just checked again and see that the values are updated with different intervals. These intervals work for me so that’s not an issue for me. The fact that they are updated is most important. image|291x500

They update all at the same moment. Homey show only the time if the value is changed. In your case only the lux is changed in the last update interval. I do not understand that logic either.

12 hours later …

If it helps to send you some info please let me know what you need.
Happy to share and have everybody happy again with a working sensor :slight_smile:

Mine is working for more than 24h now.
Me happy :grinning:

And again a nice review: “Slecht app verbinding valt elke dag weg, erg jammer, tijd voor een nieuwe en werkende update”. :frowning:


Yes, lovely… always nice if people do some research… Unfortunately this is the experience of this certain person, and although you cannot help it, it still is the case. Don’t know if you can put a huge disclaimer somewhere stating there is an ongoing issue with BLE?

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I understand that you dislike the review, but as Martijn mentioned; having those things for 16 euros a piece (I have multiple, about 10), it’s pretty expensive. Also my window shutters use the value of the sensor in the window flower pot, it just sucks (sorry) that it shuts down.

We do not say it’s your fault, but I can understand the frustration :slight_smile:

Its more that the rating system is used for filling issues. There is github for. Its frustrate that athom doesn’t care about it.

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Yep that’s why I brought it also on SLACK to see what will happen (just by any chance that someone will pick it up). You mentioned GitHub and we commented on it…let’s wait here little bit so that hopefully it will catch someones attention.

Athom should make a difference between latest update and latest value change.

I’m still experimenting with my setup. I see that the app should be ok.
Where can I give a (good) review for the app? I still love it. Even though it’s not working for me at the moment.

Might it be possible that it is a range problem? I had no issues until Homey FW update in April.
In the next days I will move Homey even closer to the sensors.
At the moment I get 1 to 2 update cycles per sensor after full Homey reboot. Then they fail. Let’s see if moving Homey to another location changes anything…

Apps.athom.com, search for the app and you’ll see. And what happens if you restart the app, doesn’t it force the update then?