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Xiaomi mi flora sensor/ropot app

Still same status and very frustrating for end user and for the developer!
Sensors only working for 2/ max 3 times after full reboot of homey!

Any chance that the new homey sw version will somehow fix this??


Same issue occur on latest rc of 5.0.

Oh man, that’s bad :frowning:

I experience the same issue:

The vegtrug grow care app (not homey) connects just fine with the sensor. In the past homey connected fine with the sensor, so my thought is as well that some Homey update broke the BLE connection.

My sensors are now working for 7 days :+1:

  1. Make a flow to restart the app every hour.
  2. Setting in app on 30 min update.

Good luck to everyone.

No luck for me…

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Same here, no go


Anyone here already tested the app with the new homey beta software?
I’m still facing the same problems, sensors wont work after one or two update cycles.
App restart doesn’t work. Only fix is to reboot homey completely.
br, Tom

I now have two sensors and am on v5. No update issues at all. But didn’t have so much issues with v4.2.

I always wonder what is so special that it works for you :wink:

Mja… don’t know. Mine just work fine. I have daily reboot scheduled but other than that nothing special. Homey early 2016 model. The one sensor is 2mtr away from the home, the other ~5 mtr.

Finally some good news: :smiley:

In the Homey v5.0.0-rc.38 release athom fixed the timeout issue:

[Core] Fixes an issue where an app’s channel would always be stable

I’ve tested it on the SDK3 and i don’t get timeouts anymore. I’m currently working on the update to SDK3.


I’ve published 3.0.0 to test with support for SDK 3.

  • add support for SDK 3
  • add default threshold settings
  • refactoring pair logic
  • improve brand look & feel

That’s great news! :smile:
I’m still on 4.2.0, so once V5 is officially released, I will use it right away :wink:

Installed and tested it. Should it update everything because is see the humidity isn’t updating?

Thanks for testing! It updates every sensor value. Only changes will be visible in the Homey app however. Because the nutrition is fluctuating you see a change quicker.

Okay then Its working for me now really nice!!

Thank u :slight_smile:

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It looks like it stopped working 7 hours ago. Both my sensors stopped showing new values.

You are on 5.0.0-rc41?

Mine also does not keep running on rc38