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Xiaomi mi flora sensor/ropot app

Yes, you’re right… I see now that I also used the global variable “moisture” instead of the trigger flow variable. Wasn’t even aware of that!

In this case it’s not a bad thing, how well it may also be called a “bug” since you’d expect the trigger flow for one single device would give the tag “moisture” as well. But using the global variables is a fine option…

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@Koktail, might you be interested in teaming up for this app creating a webbased “dashboard” that is able to show the status of all your flowers on your television?

My wife is requesting this and I think it’s a pretty cool idea. I’ve got about 15 sensors now and 5 more are on it’s way. I could create a webbased dashboard that’s listening to a special token and a webhook function, maybe you can create a flow that triggers sending this data towards the dashboard for each sensor, one by one, were the dash picks this up and displays the results one by one?

Users may stream these results through Chromecast towards the television or Google Hub screens…

I don’t think it really must be 100% live data… Sending the latest moisture information and a numeric timestamp is fine as well. It gives the home owner a good idea how his plants are doing.


I’ve already made something like that: GitHub - koktaildotcom/homey-mi-flora-dashboard: View the status of Xiaomi Mi Flora Plant Sensors

You can use that to get the data out of homey.

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Trying to get this working using web api. Only sad thing will always be that you need to set devices twice, would be great if you could just receive every flower sensor and read it.


Looks cool!

You can read the devices straight from the homey API. Thats what is should do. Look at my repository, there is an example how to do it. Index.html:60

There is one thing, the token only has a redirect URL on localhost. So you only can run it as development environment.

You’re now ready for a Homey automated irrigation system!:sunglasses::ok_hand:

I was wondering… How does the app work looking at multiple devices?

I got 5 new sensors today, soo I got many of them now. If the polling interval hits, does it look through sensors one by one? Connecting, reading, disconnecting, connecting … ??

If that’s the case, will the last in list ever get readed when theres a short polling setup? Because it will start over?

one more questions… I am always affraid that some sensors might not have reported. I know that theres a special flow for that in Homey, made by Athom themselves, but could it be possible to add a flow trigger card that will trigger when connection failed? That way you can have a peace of mind that you’re notified when something failes?

Looking at multiple devices? Yes.

Connect one by one, because of BLE limits. If it fails it is retried 3 times.

The 3th times it is throwing a timeout flow trigger card.

Were can I find the failed trigger?

It’s only a global card, so there is no card for a specific device.

Hi @Peter_Kawa how do you the nice flower picuters on the knop do you that with Virtueel app ? Than you have two buttons that is to mutch for a flowers sea :sweat_smile:

Hi Christiaan,
That is a relatively new function. No need for a virtual device (if you like the default Homey icon set that is :crazy_face: )
In the phone app, go to the devices tab,
then longpress a plant device tile,
then press the sprocket above on the right,
Then press ‘Select icon’
Scroll all the way down, et voilà.

Thanks I just had to scroll a little bit further. :grinning:

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why is that plant crying out for water ? I disabled flows after it run. But still logs three or four times in less than a second. Is it because it gets bluetooth every time?

Same here. I get a lot of notifications about it being out of water. The plant is a Aloe Vera and i adjusted the base settings as they are way to high. It requires a very low waterlevel of 5% and i give it water every other week which is the perfect amount. I do get messages all day long though, even when i just watered it. Could it be a faulty device ?

About that: My plants can only complain during a timeframe

If I water my plants, the moisture % goes up and my plants stop sending updates.
To check your sensor:
What happens if you dip the sensor in a bit of water? And what if you dry it?
Do the moisture levels change?

Good idea. I’ll try that . ongelukkig :joy:
I just put water on the dish below it, maybe thats what causes it.
The Aloe Vera is very happy, growing insanely fast with just a teaspoon aldi liquid plantfood and half a cup of water each 2 weeks.

good idea to put a time limit on it. But then several messages in milli seconds. And the strange thing is that that one plant fluctuates with values ​​between 15% and 40% while I don’t water. other sensors have no flow yet so maybe it’s just this one?

I will try a others sensor on the same flower maybe is it on the sensor ?

@Peter_Kawa how many times does homey repeat those messages in this time frame that you have in your flow ? I think a lot of messages.

A few times.
Now every 30 mins. And it stops when I give the poor things water :crazy_face::wink:

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