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Xiaomi mi flora sensor/ropot app

I experienced the same behavior. Humiditysensor fluctuates between 1 and 6%. Could be the airhumidity or plant is sweating. I just need a message that plant requires water in case I forget it and humidity drops below 5% or it dries out. I can’t see how to do it with the given options with this behavior of the sensor. I’m going to see if changing the range is helping.

@HuisCHovens @Da_JoJo
Hoe zien de Insights grafieken eruit?
Staan daar ook zoveel vochtwaarde veranderingen in dan?

Zo ziet het er bij mij uit
Afgelopen 6 uur, sensor ‘vocht’:

Die ene plant was net als de grafiek van @Da_JoJo

@Peter_Kawa ik heb de desbetreffende plant flink verwend met water en nu blijft die weer mooi constant. Dus was hopelijk een enkele keer dat hij zoveel verschillende in een paar minuten tijd. De andere planten doen het goed en verschillen niet zo veel.

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Heb eerder het idee dat het aan de verbinding ligt.
Ik kan mijn aloe vera helaas niet verwennen met water, dat stelt ze niet zo op prijs. Erg gevoelige plant.
Wilde haar eigenlijk aan de kattenwaterbak hangen, deze is via wifi verbonden en kan via een slangetje aan de pomp zo water geven. Dit werkt met de app. Maar als de uitlezing niet consistent is, zoals nu het geval is, dan is het resultaat meer een zwembadje dan een plantebak.

That graph does look weird.
I have not tested whether the value becomes 0 when the connection or the battery is broken, you could try that again.
And if 1 of 2 is broke, you should see the same “clatter” in the temp/lux/power sensor graphs!

On the other hand, maybe a moisture level of 4% and below is no longer accurate and those levels are reported as 0%…

Has the thread changed from English to Dutch? :thinking:

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Goeie @fantross :roll_eyes:
Didn’t think of that… This insight shows that there is no inconsistency in the connection. So therefore it is either lack of water or the sensor is not deep enough to register the correct values. I’ll try to put it lower in the pot .

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How do you get the moisture levels on the tiles? Mine only shows temperature, lightintensity and battery

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Install the v4.0.0. Testversion, that should do the trick.

Then moisture (vochtigheid) and nutrition (voeding) levels can be selected too

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Has anybody an advice how to increase the range of the mi flora sensors within the homey system and that app? some kind of BLE Repeater based on raspberry or any xiaomi devices ?
I know from MqTT bridges to WLAN etc. but using them I cannot use this app and its flows anymore, or can I ?


The ble antenna is the same as the WiFi antenna inside of Homey. You could replace this by doing a antenna mod (search forum for this) but it isn’t for the faint hearted.

I have a moisture value that doesn’t update. It has been silent for 3 days now. I added the sensor to the flora app and it says 33% moisture level (see attachement)

The rest of the values are updating just fine (see attachement)

Any idea what it could be?

Edit: pulled the battery, blew some compressed air through it, smacked it around and now its updating again. Don’t now what did the trick but its working again :sweat_smile:


I’ve just release an new version:

❗️ This concerns an migration of capacities. Insights into history are lost forever.

flora_measure_fertility => measure_nutrition
flora_measure_moisture => measure_moisture

v4.0.0 - 14.07.2021


Thanx Leendert, v4.0.0 test ran fine.