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Xiaomi mi flora sensor/ropot app

I don’t know about correctness of the data. My sensors are still underway from china.

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Welcome @michielvzz.

What do you mean by “not show the correct sensor data”?

The data (light, moisture, etc.) is not updating. Even after restarting the mi flora app.

So the data is correct, but outdated. Thats an known Homey core issue.

Before posting about a bug, please read de Q&A first and check the last 5 comments at least. :sunglasses:

with restarting the app every 3 hours via flow readings are fine now… thanks for the advice

And now the next 2 questions:

  1. is there a limit of how many of these sensors are allowed with one homey? We have a lot of plants to monitor :wink:
  2. why is homey insight only showing temperature and light but no humidity?


  1. There is no limit, the devices will sync asynchrone.

  2. Thats afaik because Athom doesn’t expose custom characteristics

Thanks for your quick answer
Then I need to setup my own graphana/prometheus on my Raspberry. I have seen there is a prometheus app for exporting data

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and again :wink: for what is this identify option in the extended settigs for?

And I have a strange behaviour: I have set an alarm if the moisture of one of my plants is below the defined threshold. I have watered the plant and the measurement is now above the max threshold for moisture. But the alarm was triggered … why?

Best regards

The identify option will connect to the device and try to blink the led on the device. It is an expirimental feature and not waterproof. The option is unchecked after the call to the device (for blink) again.

The measurement trigger could be a bug, please submit an issue here: https://github.com/koktaildotcom/homey-mi-flora with the steps to reproduce and the expected and current outcome.

You have created a new version of your app … but how long does it take, that this version is accessible/ pushed ???
Or is there another way to get/install this version?

Best regards

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Somehow the submission of 2.1.7 is removed. I’ve bumped the version and pushed it again. It is currently under review.

The update to 2.1.7 (bumped into 2.1.8. will only resolve the following issues:

You can install the app throught CLI:

But the main ble bug is still not fixed by Athom ??

Correct. The issue isn’t fixed in the latest version of Homey.

Just updated the Alpha version to the store. Let me know if that fixes the issue.

v2.1.9 - 27.04.2019

  • try to discovery services with every update to prevent sequence bug (only compatible with >=2.1.2 because of the timout bug

It works! Thank you!

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Yeah it looks like its working now, thanks!

Pairing works like a charm, found all 3 sensors in 1 go.
But Im not getting any readings on any of my flora sensors.
I’m running homey version 2.1.2 and updated to latest mi flora version 2.1.9. Sensors are on version 3.1.9 (according to iOS flower care app)
Any pointers where I should take a look?

Restatt the Flora app. Solved it for me after pair. :wink: