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Xiaomi mi flora sensor/ropot app

Restarting the app did the trick and the values are updating!
Thanks @Koktail & @Teddy

Btw the reception of these sensors is pretty good. Are about 10 meters away from homey with 1 load bearing brick wall in between. It wasn’t even necessary to move them close to homey to pair them!

I hope it is a cactus :wink:

Creating flows to notify my wife as we speak :wink:
And adapting the ones that control the blinds so they only close when I want to keep the sunlight out making it bearable to use the kitchen in hot summertime which is becoming more frequent in the Netherlands :sunny:

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My sensor update every 30 minutes (my settings)

But not everything update after 30 minutes:


Thats because the value is not changed. Homey logic.

That was what i was thinking indeed. Anything i can do about it?

Not really, its how homey handle it. At the other hand does it matter? If the value hasnt changed there isnt much to update also.

I’ve had an sollution before 2.0 to update the value to ‘null’ and then to the value to force an update time. That is in 2.0 fixed. I could add 0.000(random) to the value to force that, but another update time is way cleaner and it is’t wrong in essention.

Okay, no problem at all. I was thinking, maybe this is a bug, so I report this here. But for me it’s not a problem :wink:

Feature request:
Can you add the humidity value of stick sensor to homey insights?

Gives me the opportunity to check if automatic watering works when on holiday (not in use when at home because of hideous looks in kitchen, reason why next point is still valid)
Point out to wife she ignored notifications on her phone to water plants.
Establish a relation between watering and soil moisture. (Some people may call that Evapotranspiration or ET)

Hi, a bit offtopic but related. Since you Koktail dived into Xiaomi BLE are you able to build Xiaomi BLE Thermometer a Hygrometer with display app? Very interested since many ppl have these in rooms. Thanks

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I’ve added an new issue (https://github.com/koktaildotcom/homey-mi-flora/issues/74), once i have some time i’ll implement this feature.

I’ve no interest in the Hygrometer myself. Developing and maintaining apps costs a lot of free time.
Sorry to disappoint you.

Just received my first Xiaomi Mi Flora :hugs:
Excellent app, works like a charm, thank you @Koktail
A beer is coming your way!


Great idea @danone
You reminded me to do so as well.
Three beers for @Koktail


Thank you very much for your support! @danone @Scriptonusman :raised_hands:

Is it possible to use the flora outside, for example in the garden? My homey is at the second floor of my home. So quite a long way to the garden. If this is is not possible, can one extend the bluetooth?

The range is ± 15 meter. BLE is not extendeble.

At best it is 15 meters. In my home, the walls and floors are limiting the range dramatically; a few meters only. I didn’t get any response from my flora upstairs.