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Xiaomi Mi Home App for WiFi devices

Feel free to submit a pull request. The miio library is not maintained anymore and I lack the skills to implement it myself.

Also related to the unmaintained miio library. Not much I can do with my coding skills.

hi, I’ve seen this post and I’m in an unusual things I think, I’ve found the token 32numbers and letters and the local ip but I can’t connect:
x timed out after 30000ms but the token I think is correct (SmartHome 3486:[DEBUG]-12-03 13:53:45.795 processResult in result={“code”:0,“message”:“ok”,“result”:{“list”:[{“did”:“274877648”,“token”:“655348313xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx79713430”,“longitude”:“10.74417090”,“latitude”:“42.93104830”,“name”:“Mi Control Hub”,“pid”:“0”,“localip”:“192.168.x.xxx”) but doesn’t work, why? thanks

Looking at the name of your device it’s probably a Xiaomi gateway you are trying to pair. As it seems, Xiaomi has changed is disabled the way of communicating with the gateway and it does not work anymore with my app. I will probably drop support in a next release.

I’m in contact with a developer that has built another Xiaomi app which does have proper support for the gateway. I offered him to take over ownership of my app so he can continue to support existing users and merge his improvements. He is thinking about it but is also in contact with Athom because he actually wants his own app published in the app store (which Athom is reluctant to do since the overlap with my app). This could eventually lead to a solution for you one way or the other.


thank you Phuturist, I hope you can continue the support , thanks again

I lack the time :confused:
Seems the cli app is maintained still and running on python, perhaps this is something to look at.

The python-miio is a completely different library and unusable for Homey since Homey “talks” nodejs.