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Xiaomi Mi Home App for WiFi devices

Only DGNWG02LM works with Homey

I requested to fix the same error aswell. Also sent the app developer a mail, however he is not responding….

You can try to contact him on Telegram: Telegram: Contact @payziyev

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So I contacted Maxmudjon throught Telegram and he responded right away. We had a teamviewer session where he found out about my Purifier model and he confirmed that he will work on this in the next days. @Japper

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Aah nice. Thanks for letting me know. Let’s hope that will also fix the issue for me.

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Any news on a new release? It’s been over 3 months since I last had Co tact with the developer, he added a new Humidifier, but that version is still not released and the dev seems very unresponsive. I think I’m going to give up on this app and look for other solutions…

Hi there, I’m trying to add my “Viomi V7” vacuum/mop robot but it’s not working so far. I retrieved the token via “get mi home devices token”.

When i enter the IP and the token it gives a warning: device.getState is not a function

Homey and the gateway and the robot vacuum are on the same network. Robot is on region China mainland. The token is correct.

Is it possible that the "Viomi V7 is not compatible with homey?

Hope someone can help me out here, it drives me crazy :wink:

Details of my robot vacuum/mop:

Model: viomi.vacuum.v7
Region: cn