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Xiaomi Mi Home App for WiFi devices

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New version in the Community Store: https://store.homey.community/app/com.maxmudjon.mihomey
Changelog mentioned at the bottom of the page.

Sorry if this has been brought up earlier, which I think it has, but I couldn’t find anything when searching the page with my smart phone.

I am testing to add a vacuum cleaner but that app does not recognize the token, which I know is correct.

Do anyone have a clue?

Also, when I retried this, I get a different error message (couldn’t find pairsession, which I suspect is that it couldn’t find the device at that time?)

I restarted the app and tried again, and get another error message.

I assume my vacuum robot is not supported, which maybe isn’t that strange. My robot is of a sister brand to Xiaomi, a Dreame L10 Pro. It has not an android app of it’s own, it uses Xiaomi’s Mi Hole app just as a roborock or Xiaomi vacuum robot.

Anyone here that might know a solution or even have a Dreame D9, L10 Pro or similar robot from Dreame?

You can ask the developer if he is willing to add the device to the app. His telegram profile is listed in the comments somewhere in this topic.