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Xiaomi Mi Home App for Yeelights & Mi Home WiFi devices


You can use the info from the link below to discover the model identifier and perhaps even the capabilities. Without the model identifier or access to a unit there is nothing I can do.


Ok so the spotlights are Bluetooth but the downlights are WiFi. Any chance u can add these?


These already work.



after a Power outage my Air Purifier is not working anymore with Homey. I am not really technical. Before it worked. I got the token from Mac Terminal with the “miio discover” command. If i use this now, it doesn’t show the Air Purifier Pro and it’s token.

The old token doesn’t work.

A did a reset for the wifi network on the Air Purifier. Its connection to te same network as Homey is. i can control the Air Purifier with the Mi Home app. So i think the network part is ok. It must be the token part.

i am on Homey 2.0.4. I already removed the Purifier from homey and re-add it.

Now i am stuck, so any help would be great!


Try and use any of the other methods to retrieve the token. If you have reset the WiFi settings it will have generated a new token. I dont have any Apple stuff so I cant really help you any further.


Ok, will try it tonight.


Bought it! (The Xiami doorbell which probably won’t be supported). Neat little device, only works when you set the Mi Home app regio to mainland China though. I know it does not connect to Homey, but it’s a very cheap smart doorbell.


Apart from the fact that it will not be integrated in Homey, the power supply will be an issue though…


Power supply? It works on 230V, you only need a 50 cent converter for the plug. And even that is optional, you get a notification on your phone. 40 Euros! It’s a bargain compared to let’s say Ring.


@Jaap How did you go with other options for your Air Purifier? I seem to have the same problem, which also started 7 days ago.

My Air Purifier 2S dropped off the wifi after resetting & reconnecting to my wifi, I cannot connect and get a “device handshake timeout”. I use the the “non Jailbroken iOS users” method t extract the token. Any updates or new advice from other app users would be welcome.


I did not got the “non Jailbroken iOS users” working.

If i reset the purifier and connect it to my wifi, with the Mi Home app, and i use the “miio discover” command in Terminal (i use Mac) i get this response;

Device ID: 73048279
Model info: Unknown
Token: ???
Support: Unknown

so that’s not working.

If i reset the Purifier and connect my Mac to the Purifier wifi, and use the “miio discover” command i get this response;

Device ID: 73048279
Model info: zhimi.airpurifier.v7
Token: 3c20c312b6e1d3dcb447ff48d50c879d via auto-token
Support: At least generic

This shows a token. Then i use the Mi Home app to connect the Purifier to my network. But if then use the token in Homey it doesn’t work, it says n" could not connect …"

If i now use the “miio discover” i do not get a token. So it seems the Purifier is still hiding it’s Token.

So no working solution for me at this point. Any help or ideas would be great.


When connecting to WiFi it will reset the token. Have a look at the different methods for retrieving the token.


Does it reset the token when you add a device to another region? I have the Roborock set to European, but my doorbell set to Mainland China. If I want to add the vaccuum to another region I need to press the two outer buttons, not the reset. Does that change the token that you know?


Yes, pressing the two buttons resets the device (and allows you to change the region).


My vacuum cleaner is giving some issues with Homey. I added it successfully and the flows I made ran for a couple of days. But no it has stopped working.

In the App I see the icon of the cleaner, but it goes from ‘lit’ to ‘unlit’. What does that mean?

If I check the settings page, I frequently get a timeout.

The robot works fine with the Xiaomi Mi App.

What could be wrong?


I have been noticing issues myself lately. It seems the latest firmware for the Mi robot did something wrong. I still need to investigate it but it could be Xiaomi is adding extra measures to prevent people controlling their devices outside the official app. Probably not much I can do about it.


Thanks for the confirmation, @Phuturist.
Would be great if you can find a solution. Good luck and thanks!


Will this app work with https://bit.ly/2Yoe0XC then?
Or am I missing things? haha


No, new products will not be added because the miio library is not maintained anymore.


aah, I see. good to know.
So that means you need the hub (can you connect tot hat? :O) or how is that done?