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Xiaomi Mi Home App for Yeelights & Mi Home WiFi devices


I am not sure why we are getting different results but I have an S50 on current firmware and it is working perfectly.



My S50 is visible in Homey, the token is excepted but flows don’t work. The App developer wrote he too is having issues. Are you on the latest firmware?

I will check the firmware mod options @Phuturist wrote about. In the meantime I just use the planning option in the Mi Light App.


Yep, latest firmware.
Could it done on which server you are connected to?


European server here.

My Homey updated to the latest experimental f/w and the Android App updated too. I tried to control the robot via the App and…it worked.!


Is there a idea of supporting the Xiaomi Meteorite table light? Would be great :slight_smile:


Adding it won’t be much trouble, I only need to figure out the light identifier and make some small changes in the code. So yes, it will be added.

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great news, i will buy one and can support testing :smiley:


For the S50 I’m using coordinates to clean different zones and one time in the week coordinate the S50 to the dustbin.
When I finished creating all the flows, it works for a short period.
The coordinates doesn’t works anymore. I believe X<–>Y are replaced.
It’s here someone in the community with this same behavior? The map view is changed in the Mi home app.


Yes, the S50 Gen1 doesn’t save the map. It is generated on every clean up.
So unfortunately, the map can change and your coordinates aren’t working anymore.
I was thinking about creating two flows, because the map chances always between two options. But didn’t do it right now.

Gen 2 save the map and it’s working fine.


I believe the map is regenerated when you use the official Xiaomi Mi Home App. If you only use that once to create a full map and then use Homey and Flolevac you should be set.


v2.11.5 - 2019-04-14

  • NEW: support for Yeelight Meteorite Pendant Light (YLDL01YL)
  • NEW: condition card for night mode for Yeelights that support this feature

Hey guys,
Is it possible to update plugin for support Xiaomi SmartMi Air System? It’s wall mounted purifier.


Have you already tried pairing it as Airpurifier? It might just already work. And if you did and it didnt work, what where the errors?

It’s not likely that completely new devices will be added to the miio library but an new product in an existing line (like the airpurifier) might already be supported.


I can cross check during easter holidays :slight_smile: Good point!


2.11.6 - 2019-04-16

  • FIX: update night mode capability when Yeelight ceiling light is controlled by external source