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Xiaomi Mi Home App for Yeelights & Mi Home WiFi devices

It’s Xiaomi Mi LED ceiling

Is it possible to connect the Homey Mi Home App to a Xiaomi Gateway on another network? I have set up a Xiaomi Smart Home Security Kit in my summer house and would like to read its gateway alarm status from Homey at home. Would it be possible to fill in the summer house IP and Gateway token and that’s it? I’m asking because you might know how it’s built to work. I will try in a couple of weeks when I’ll know the IP, then I can post the result.

That won’t work as Homey needs to be in the same lan to communicate with the device. You would have to create VPN or something.

Every second day my vacuum cleaner don’t start per flow or sync the states with homey. If I restart the app, everything works fine for the next 2 days… Now I have a flow wich reboot the app every 24h. But do anyone know this problem and have an solution for this?

Its a know issue and will probably not be resolved.

Okay… I will test the situation with the app restarts.

Since a while my Yeelights are giving me a wrong status update In Homey. It says off when the lights are on and opposite. It’s not always all together the same way. When the light is on IRL and shows off in the devices tab then I just have to hit the button to follow the correct status. This only works when I’m at home of course, when I’m out I can’t be sure of the status.

Yeelight app:
In the Yeelight app the lights are often showing offline. After a while they show online but the wrong status. When I hit the button in the Yeelight app it won’t follow the status but just turns off. This means I never get the correct status.
Lan setting I can’t change. When I turn it on and go back it’s off again.

I think it has something to do with the last iOS update in combination but I’m not sure.
This all has nothing to do with your app but maybe more people have this problem and you know the solution.

v2.13.2 - 2019-11-10

  • Small fix for Yeelights not updating dim capability when in night mode
  • Small fix for Yeelights not updating onoff capability when turning them on by only changing the color
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I had paired Yeelight LED Stripe, which suddenly shows as offline while original Yeelight app worked fine. I tried to reboot Homey and no change. So I deleted Yeelight LED Stripe from Homey and now, when I’m trying to add it again, it’s not able to find it. I deleted it then even in the original app, re-added there and tried to add to Homey back - still withing “Yeelights” it says “No new device have been found”. LAN mode is enabled, Yeelight original app works fine. Any idea what could be wrong please ?

Not sure, could you restart the app now that you have removed the LED strip. Perhaps there is some sort of caching going on.

v2.13.3 - 2019-11-15

  • Added a mechanism to refresh the device connection to prevent devices from not responding on the first try.
  • Moved installation instructions from app store to community support topic.

I have made a mistake in the latest app release (2.13.3) which is causing a lot of app crashes. I have already submitted a fix to the app store but that is pending approval at the moment. Sorry for any inconvenience … :flushed:

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At the end I endep up with device restore :frowning:
As for the crashes, indeed I realized many crashes but I thought it my nasty Homey :-). … Thank you anyway :slight_smile: