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Just tried this and down to 2000… No dice :frowning:
If I set the end state to turn off then it does turn off, just there is no change otherwise


Been experimenting a bit and it seems it works, so long as the light isn’t at 0% when you start it…

Therefore, if you’re dimming, it works as expected. If you’re trying to wake up, you need an additional card setting the light to 1% brightness before you kick it off!


Sounds logical, if the light is off it will not respond to any other commands except for the on command.


Not quite correct :wink:

It seems to respond to the brightness (hence why the setting brightness to 1% kicks it off)



I happen to have stumbled upon the same issue with my Philips Zhirui LED candles, described here:
adding Philips light bulb error.

So I’ve gone into debugging these candles and they work exactly the same like the Philips bulbs do.
The Miio repository doesn’t seem to be maintained that often aymore (last commit was from May this year and still has some open pull requests). So not that sure if my future pull request would be accepted.

What would be the best approach to support these lights to your package?

Kind regards,


I have forked the miio library and merged the PR from the miio library manually myself there. Feel free to submit your PR in this forked library, I will than add it to the Homey app in a future release.


v2.9.1 - 2018-11-17

  • NEW: added meter_power capability for Mi Power Strip (PR by fantomnotabene)
  • UPDATE: support for the latest model AirPurifier 2S
  • POSSIBLE FIX: possible fix for Yeelight discovery on different subnets
  • FIX: code refactoring (PR by fantomnotabene)


Thanks @Phuturist!


Is there a plan to add the support of the Xiaomi/Philips build in downlight?


thanks in advance, great app!


There is a new release pending approval in the app store which will likely add support for Phulips Zhirui lights. You would have to add it as Philips Light Bulb device in Homey. If that does not work someone would have to retrieve the model identifier (which would look something like philips.light.bulb).


ah perfect, thanks! My downlights are ordered so if you need one to borow let me know.


Here is the model info for Philips zhirui candle bulbs: philips.light.candle

I hope it helps. Let me know if anything else is needed.

Thanks for your work.


Bad news, someone just submitted a report that the downlights are not working with the latest release which is already available on Github. Someone will need to retrieve the available commands using the miio CLI.


v2.9.2 - 2018-11-28

  • NEW: added support for Xiaomi Philips Zhirui Candle Lights (PR from rdvanbuuren)


Good news, the model type has been identified and support will be added in release 2.9.3 which is now pending approval.


Tested the downlight (on\off, brightness and colour) and works great with the latest patch.


Many thanks! Works great with Philips Zhirui Candle Lights now.


v2.9.3 - 2018-11-28

  • FIX: fix for Xiaomi Philips Zhirui Downlights


Hi! I just started to use the Roborock S50 with this great app. In the action cards I read (in Dutch) an action ‘Stop’ and an action ‘Zet uit’. What is the difference between these 2 actions?

I am creating flows to stop the cleaner when the doorbell (KaKu app in Homey) is pressed and I create a shortcut on my Phone (HTTP shortcuts app) the start cleaning in a specific zone (webhook manager app in Homey).

I am very curious about what sort of flows you guys use in combination with the roborock?


The stop action card will make the vacuum cleaner stop at where it currently is. The “zet uit / turn off” action card will make it stop cleaning and return to the docking station. In your use case of the doorbell you would want to use the stop action card.