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Xiaomi Mi Home App for Yeelights & Mi Home WiFi devices



Could you please comment of the colour range of the lamps. Are they cool white only or can you configure them to emit a somewhat more “yellow” / “warm” colour.



OK, thank you. Let’s suppose I didn’t find this picture in the internet :slight_smile:


I have a Yeelight desk lamp. It is recognized by the app when I try to add the lamp as a Homey device. After that nothing happens when I try to switch the lamp on of off. Is this a known problem with this device?


Nope, all Yeelights should work fine. Could you try restarting the Xiaomi Mi Home Homey app and try again. And have you made sure that developer mode or LAN mode is enabled for your desk lamp.


@Phuturist: I did a reset of the lamp and enabled LAN mode. Problem solved. Thanks!


Maybe a question which is already asked here, but I can’t find it:

How can I add my Yeelight strip to Homey? I can’t find an manual for that, and since Homey tells me that there isn’t found a new device, I can’t find where to start.

I’m able to control the strip via the Yeelight app, but better is to control it via Homey. It’s not necessary for me to control the strip from both devices.


Please read the instructions in the opening topic or in the app store description.