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Xiaomi Mi Home App for Yeelights & Mi Home WiFi devices



In addition to this, I’ve been successful in retrieving the tokens using this method:

What you first do is, reset the device to manufacturing settings. This will normally let you re-pair the device to your home WiFi via your mobile phone app (how-to in this video: https://youtu.be/NZl1P7rR8WQ?t=64), but that’s NOT what we want for now… We want to get that token.

So, on your computer you should connect to the WiFI of the device instead and find its ip address, via cmd.exe with ipconfig (normally would be
Then just use the steps in https://github.com/jghaanstra/com.xiaomi-miio/blob/master/docs/obtain_token.md#method-2---packet-sender-tool and you should be able to retreive the hex token.


Hey I have a problem and i have the token and right ip but i get " Could not connect to device, handshake timeout " in the homey app this is about a xiaomi roborock v2 is there any easyfix for this?


No easy fix. You could try the miio command line and see if that gives more information about what is going on.


Looked at it at github but I don’t understand how to do do this!


There is not much I can do. As mentioned in the app store description.

If your are not to tech-savvy using this app for any other devices than the Yeelights might be challenging.


I can tech but I haven’t learned github yet. Is the prompt going to be in the homey?


No, what you need is a command line with nodejs installed. Using the miio library through command line is completely seperate from Homey.


Okej okej I’ll look in to it tomorrow :blush:


I thought alittle if i can´t get it to connect in the homey app how will this work then?


It wont but might give more clues why in your case it is not working. It helps to troubleshoot.


Did you try the modified app?

There is a “howto” but in french as well. Google translate is you friend!



could you add a trigger/flow card for waterlevel on the humidifyer?

Using the evaporate humidifyer 2. Not in the supported list, but works fine when I added it as the humidifyer that was available in your app:)


Waterlevel does not seem to be a supported capability within the miio library. If you submit a feature request in my repo on GitHub I might look into it when I have more time.


I finally got BlueStacks working through an old laptop and I have managed to find a token. hehe finally :slight_smile:


When I use for example “oplaadstation” I got the notification on the following image

I have the Roborock S50.


This seems to be the issue where a command send through the miio library sometimes is not processed by the miio device. Have your tried repeating the same command a couple of times?


Sometimes I have to repeat the command, and sometimes it will pickups directly. Thanks for the reply!


Wrong app topic, this is about the Xiaomi Mi Home WiFi devices. The cube is a Zigbee device … :wink:


v2.10.0 - 2019-01-30

  • NEW: add waterlevel capability to Xiaomi Humidifier V2 including trigger card
  • FIX: fix setting speed for favorite mode on Air Purifiers

To be able to use the waterlevel capability you will have to re-pair your humidifier as a humidifier v2.


Hi Phuturist! First of all: many thanks that you created and maintain this application.

I’m using it to control my Roborock S50 (v2) and succeeded in getting the token. I’m able to control it through Homey but I have a reliability issue. Only about half of the requests come through. The vacuum is scheduled to clean every day (through my Homey) and sometimes it works like a charm for a few days, and then it doesn’t. I’ve ruled out issues on my side (flow does fire (confirmed by logging + push notification), network connectivity, RAM, CPU, etc). Is this perhaps a known issue? If not, how can I support you with troubleshooting?