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Xiaomi Vibration sensor tilt settings

It Triggered even with a small change, but it took like 2 seconds, in which time the cat seemed to have gone in already…

Have you tried the
If “aqara vibration sensor” [the tilt alarm turned on]
and “logic” [tilt angle] is greater (or less) then
then “speech” [say something]

hm, no. kinda given up on it now for a while, as the bluetooth beacon app serves the purpose. but still thinking about a good use for the vibration sensor, so maybe i’ll get back to it later :slight_smile:

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Ever since Homey 5.0 and Aqara Zigbee app 1.1.4 I have trouble with both my Aqara vibration sensors. One stuck to the garagedoor worked flawles most of the time, reporting changed tilt. But since the new Zigbee implementation, the tilt angle of both sensors seem to report almost never. The tilt-alarm and vibration alarm do work, just the angles (both relative and absolute) dont change. Re-installed the devices several times.
I have a few sensors, but most connect routed to Homey. Not more then 15 connected directly.
Any else noticed this behavior?


I have the same issue in v5.
I don’t know how the tilt angles work.

If i rotate the sensor on the small sides it reports a changed angle. But if I tilt it on the sticker side, the big side it only reports tilt alarm but no angle.

I planned to use it for the garage door. But this way it doesn’t work that well.
Same for my Vision garage door sensor. It simply doesn’t work.

Fredsky, David,

I also encounter this problem. Same story, the sensors are sending strange and unexpected values, depending on which way you turn it. I have a screenshot of some chronological values, for both v4.2.0 and v5.0.0:



I have the same problem.