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Xiaomi Yeelight Candela BLE Lights

This is a placeholder for my “Xiaomi Yeelight Candela BLE Lights” App.

Link to: Official Site


  • Turn light on.
  • Turn light off.
  • Set brightness.

Known shortcommings:

  • No state feedback

Great work!! :smiley:

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nice!! good job !

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One question: i can add the lap, but after including i can’t control it?!
When i add it via Yeelight app, i can control but i have to authorize by changing brightness to control.

Any idea about? :slight_smile:

If another device is connected then you can’t control it. It’s a limitation of BLE. The pairing process of the original app is just giving a false sense of security. (There is none)

“Dim to” does not turn on the lights-
I have to “turn on” and after a delay of 1 second “dim to”.
Still only works half of the time…

And its not turning on or off when i use “turn on ALL lights in the room”. Im guessing its not defined as a light…

Got it working right now :slight_smile:
But i first included the light to the lamp to Homey and after that (because i didn’t got a response) to the app.
I’ll have a look in the next few days