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Yale Smartlock - Doorman

I have the Yale Smartlock / Doorman (WGS2) with the Smart Living Yale Module 2 (Z-Wave).

Is there anyway to get it work with Homey without the Smart Living Hub from Yale?
According to mentioned thread below it is not possible, but it’s some time ago and I was wondering if others have had success?

I also have the Somfy Tahoma (for my IO-Connect devices) - but I can’t see any option to connect this way around.

Any Ideas - or shoud I really purchase the third control box! The idea with Homey is to avoid this :slight_smile:

I was expecting their products to work together since both Homey and Yale / iRevo are members of Z-Wave Alliance:


Unfortunately being members of the alliance doesn’t mean the devices WILL work together but rather could be made to work together. So Homey will need an app that knows how to interpret the information from that device and the commands required to control it.
Have you tried the:

If not maybe you can contact the developers of those apps to see if they can add support.

Yes, I did try all 3.
Yale Lock, just hangs, never loads
Yale Doorman asks for credentials, so I assume it requires the SmartLiving Hub from Yale.
Yale Digital Locks asks me, on the lock, to enter marsterpin + going to the menu for adding remotes. But, I never get pass this point due to no communication. I might be doing it wrongly, but the Lock times out.

You might have to put your Homey very close to the lock to pair it as with most z-wave devices. I’m not sure if it’s a security thing or just a problem with Homey but I had to move my Homey to withing about 1 meter of my Conexis L1 locks to pair them.