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Yamaha receiver


hello, the yamaha receiver app is not working again…


A bit more info would be nice.
Which version of the Yamaha app are u running?
Which firmware version of Homey are u running?
Did u upgrade from 1.5.13 to 2.0 and then the app stopped working?
Did u try to add the Yamaha app while u was on 2.0?


I have the recent version, i cant even update to 2.0


If you need help and someone is kindly enough to assist you. Then it would be nice if you give clear answers to all 4 questions, to provide enough information for any troubleshooting…


I have tried both apps non of them kan be installed from appstore.


I run 2.0.0rc9


That would be correct. The app has
“version”: “0.3.0”,
“compatibility”: “0.x || 1.x”,
So cannot be installed via the appstore on 2.0.


Possible to install at all?


Can be installed when changing the compatibility line and then install via CLI.
Dunno if the app will work tho, not using it myself.
Here is the beta branche.


I’m using the Yamaha app(beta) since Homey 1.5 and upgraded a while ago to Homey 2.0-rcX. The Yamaha app is still working without any problems for me.


I had to reset my homey when i upgraded to 2.0 and after that it is not possible to install from appstore, so i will try to install it from Github / CLI