Z-wave mesh question




I recently purchased a few thermostatic valves (Eurotronic Spirits) which act as z-wave plus slaves (FLIRS to be exact). One of them doesn’t respond properly to Homey and I think it’s out of range (or at least, there is a lot of stuff between Homey and the valve (walls, furnature, etc). My idea was to put a z-wave routing slave (if that’s the proper term) somewhere halfway. I don’t have any practical use for something at the moment, but I figured I could just put a smart plug in between one of my appliances, which may be something I could use anyway at one point in the future.

I was looking at Fibaro Wall Plug Type F for this purpose or maybe preferably a powerstrip (Stekkerdoos in Dutch) if anyone knows where I can find one.

My question is. Will this functionally work (given that the distance and interference will be acceptable enough)? Can/will/should any z-wave slave able to talk through a routing-slave towards Homey?


Powered z-wave devices should function as extenders in the network, so yes


Correct @Toon_Vos. But be aware that there is alot of quality difference. So for instance the neo coolcam powered devices have a really crappy range so they can be used as extenders but won’t help much (depends on the situation ofcourse)


Thanks for the replies so far.
It appears that not ALL powered z-wave units also function as an extender if I look at this product for example. Or at least. The device doesn’t have the Role (which is lister in this document on page 20: https://www.silabs.com/documents/login/miscellaneous/SDS11846-Z-Wave-Plus-Role-Type-Specification.pdf)

Whereas these products do seem to have that feature:

At any rate. What kind of experience do people have with the Fibaro wall plug?


I have five Powernode 6 running and they do work as relay, no doubt - but since they are quite old (that is: z-wave, not z-wave plus) they do of course not work as relay for z-wave plus devices…

The two other devices you mention are both certified z-wave plus and will relay everything in the same network…

Could have been that simple - but then you mention FLIRS - which is a bit complicated and at present Homey somehow doesn’t handle this very well (Search “FLIRS” and “MarcoRuiter” here, on Slack or on GitHub for thorough explanations)


Hi, final update:
I purchased a few Fibaro Wall plug F’s (primarily for the purpose mentioned above). I did some testing. I put one on the far side of my house and now the valve functions flawlessly. (the wall plug is about 40% further away than the homey sphere but still it functions better. So the range of homey isn’t very impressive in comparison to the wall plug (at least when it comes to interference from walls etc)

For those who care to know:
The homey sphere is about 4-5 metres from the valve (with some walls/furniture in between) and the wall plug is about 9-10 metres from the valve (with the same walls/furniture between them). If I look in a straight line, the homey-sphere is approximately in the direct line between the wall plug and the valve.

Thanks again for all the quick and informational replies!! :slight_smile: