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Z-wave unstable

Hi, i have a homey from the early adopters fase, so a couple of years now. I have some problems with Z-wave instability. I have a couple of Z-wave devices from different brands:

Greenwave Smart plug 6 (2x)
Fibaro Plugs (3x)
Aqara Door/Window Sensors (3x)
Neo Coolcam Sensors (door/window) (2x)

The problems are the most noticeable for the Greenwave Slots and the Fibaro Plugs.

So i will explain my setup a little (flows etc):

I have a flow created to turn on 1 of the slots on the greenwave where the TV led light (led light behind tv) are put in. I also have Hue lights and when a specific light is turned on, and the tv light is off, then turn on the TV lights. And the same for when the light is turned off.
I also use the Fibaro Plugs to power on the floor heater pumps. There is a water plug that will use above 1 watts when the thermostat is turned on the heat the floors, at that point I enable the pumps on the 2 floors. When the consumption is beneath 1 Watts the pumps are turned off. This setting saves a lot of power every year, because both the pumps are using 50 watts when turned on (what the would have been 24/7 without this).

Now for the problem, at random times the Z-wave devices will stop to work. So for example the tv lights will be left on when the lights are turned off, or won’t turn on. Than without doing anything the next day it will work perfectly. For the Fibaro Plugs the situation is a little bit different. When I remove the plugs again and add them again, everything will work for a couple of weeks. And than will stop, not all plugs at the same time random.

I really want a system that I can trust, especially when you count in the Wife Factor, if you understand :slight_smile:

I also have a Control4 controller in house, and when I add the devices there it works very nice. But to use everything in Control4 it will be much more expensive so I really want homey to control it all.

Does anybody have some ideas for me?

Did you check on the developers page your zwave network. Maybe that can help you a little bit in understanding the problems. You can see for every node what the status snd routing is. When you tapba node, scroll to the right. At the end you will see three dots. That van help also. Suc6.