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What I need is support for the following device : ZDB5100 It’s a Four bottom Dimmer/Switch from Logic Home. I installed the “Logic Home Control” app, but the device zdb5100 is not supported. I would like to contact the group writing the software for the LogicHome devices.? Under the support page “Feature request for Homey” there is a link to a request form but the link seems to be wrong : https://goo.gl/forms/WyLpQodlV9jtghPk1 can anyone help?

@TedTolboom ^^

Super thanks!

@Svenning thanks for asking.

At this moment the Logic Home control / Logic Group app is not being further developed by me.

Through a Danish friend I learned that Logic Group is no longer further investing into Homey as automation platform. Without access to these devices, it is not possible to add support for them; due to the huge amount of different options embedded in the devices firmware.

Please contact Logic Group directly and request for support to further develop this app and add support for these new devices. They know how to contact me.