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Zigbee Green Power (IEEE 802.15.4) support?


Just a quick question.
Does anyone know if Homey supports the Zigbee Green Power protocol? (IEEE 802.15.4)
(( I haven’t asked Support yet ))

Green power is part of Zigbee 3.0. Homey works still on Zigbee 1.0 and most people are waiting for the big zigbee re-write

Ah, thanks for your quick answer,

And due to my lack of knowledge. Is the zigbee version only a protocol change, or does it also hardware related? (so could Homey in theory ever support it?)

it’s just software

In case anyone cares:
I got a response from Athom Support. They confirmed that it is not supported, and it is uncertain they will ever support it in the future. (so, not saying they won’t, but also not saying they ever will)