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Zigbee issue (5.0.0-rc47)

It was the same for me after update to v5 everything was working but there was no mesh info on the developers page, so I decided to do a zigbee reset, then added all my routers first and then battery powered devices.
It gave me a lot of work to add my devices again and rebuild my flows, but everything been working flawless since then…
I also add all my devices on the spot where I want them to be…
This is not a perfect solution i know but it fixed everything and so far i haven’t add any problems with zigbee device’s

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Did the reset today! major improvement. Al sensors are so much quicker now with reporting back to Homey. Mostly noticeable with the motion sensors. For the first time there is a proper mesh to.
So i did a PtP. Then the zigbee reset. First the routers and then the sensors. When you add the sensor and directly put the sensor in the right “zone” it is easy to rebuild the flows. Flows are not gone only the zigbee units are missing in the flow, you can restore them one by one.


For your (and everyone elses info), I did contact support first now that I have this issue as well.
They instructed me to just do the stepts to attempt to get it running. If it didn’t solve it, they wanted me to make a diagnostics report and send them the ID :slight_smile: