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ZigBee Mesh or no Mesh


Hello All,

I have a very basic question: Is there a Zigbee mesh configuration in the Homey or not?
I can only see routes from the Homey to all devices (I have one extra router = Osram light) but the battery opreated Xiaomi door contact is not in range. Distance is about 1 meter clear line of site. In my house I have the same Xiaomi door contacts with more distance and walls in between but they report to the Homey no problem. Distacne between Homey and Osram lamp router is about 20 meters, but this is not a problem

Thank you in advance for looking at this issue and if you have a solution for me about how I can get the mesh network you are most welcme.



There should be one, but it is not perfect jet.
You need to reboot sometimes to force the zigbee to heal/mesh again.
All that is because they still runn on Zigbee V1.0 but they are busy with a upgrade to V3.0 which will improve a lot.


Thank you