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Zipato mini keypad

I’ve just bought the Zipato mini keypad. I’ve connected it to Homey as a device but i can’t work out how to set a code on the keypad. When I use the rfid tag it does not talk to Homey i.e. no change to the armed status.

What I am doing wrong here?

First welcome ofcourse.

Secondly…. not much information you given :thinking:

So lets start the gamble :partying_face::ok_man:

You did install the Zipato app on homey?
You did include it close to homey?
The device is included correctly?
The device has a good connection with homey?

there is some old information on the forum, so guess its not up to date because its from the time of the old firmware V1.5. iam sure there it would help a bit.

If attached to the homey, the code is useless, only mode is to use buttons Home+token and Away+token as far as I know, additional code usage I never tried and as far as I know its not possible when using it together with the Homey.

It is possible tu use both RFID Tags and codes (I use to use codes and tags).

=> Zipato RFID Tag Reader

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My Zipato app is allways crashing if I try to add a tag :frowning:

Edit: Now everysthing ist fine. My batterie was too low.
I even made to add a Pin with 4 diggits. Super!!! Thanks