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Zone Activity

Hi I used to see zone activity on the app, it would tell me when a device in this zone was last active, in minutes.

I no longer see this, anyone else have this issue?

Some more info.

I still need help, i have a fibaro universal sensor attached to a PIR. I was hoping that this could trigger a zone movement.

Is this possible.

I see no motion and/or door/windows sensors, the only 2 capabilities that can activate a zone.

And no, not directly, you’ll have to work with the virtual devices app, and add a door sensor capability with that, and couple them with flows
The universal sensor only has “generic” alarm, as it can/could be anything

Thanks, I’ve added the virtual devices app and have created a motion sensor button.

The flow I’m looking to create is

When the universal sensor (Fibaro) input 1 closes then switch on lights. Zone is living room :white_check_mark:

When theare is no activity in the living room for 60 mins turn lights off. This is the part I’m struggling with. Could you help.

When I’m creating a flow it’s asking for a value.


Use the Chronograph app to start a countdown for 60 min when you turn on the light. Reset/start the countdown when a motion is detected.

Thanks @ktd, im wondering how i get my fibaro universal sensor to trigger the virtual devices when the sensor is switched.

Im assuming its done by a flow but not sure how to achieve this.

Ah, sorry. I haven’t done that but I was intrigued so I gave it try. I hope I understood you better this time. :slight_smile:

I installed the app Virtual Devices and added a Sensor with the motion attribute in the room you want activity in.

Then I created a flow,

You will need to replace the When… card I have used for your Fibaro PIR sensor.
In the Then… section you add the Virtual sensor and for the Sensor text you want to enter alarm_motion and for the Value text you want to enter true.


This will set the motion to true want your PIR activates.
I have added a second Then… card to change the status back to not true after a delay of 2 sec. The Virtual sensor will make the zone where it is placed in active.

Use the zone activity or the Virtua lsensor as trigger in a flow to build your routins.

I don’t know how your Fibaro device work and reports activity but you might be able to do something with this?

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Thank you so much @ktd, that works perfect, great advice

Glad to be of help. :slight_smile: Have a nice evening.