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And this is why I asked the question cause this is how I do it… just thought I missed something here

I might add… there is nothing necessarily wrong with your way

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Besides it’s unnecessary to build 2 flows for it? :joy:
Sorry Roy.

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Np, as i said “meerdere wegen …”

Thanks guys, really appreciate the help, I’ve went with this:

When temperature 1 changes
And the value is below 17
Turn on plug

As per the screenshot the temp is 9.81, if this moves by 0.01 I’m assuming it will trigger the flow. That’s a lot of triggers. Can I have it so it only triggers when moving between whole numbers?

why turning on the plug when it is already on?

i would add… AND plug is off.

Worked a treat, so simple

Hi so now I have connected the 2nd input of my fibaro universal sensor into my garage PIR, this will control a light in the garage.

I’ve followed the same process above and have created a virtual motion sensor device then have the following flow.

The problem is that both sensors are triggering the flow, how to do prevent this?