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Zwave device not marked as 'secure'



I had some issues with a Fibaro smart plug (it suddenly stopped working and stated that had used over 80million kilowatts in total in a few weeks through a small halogen bulb it is switching :slight_smile: ) and decided to unpair and repair it. During the unpair I found that it went ‘out of sync’ or something like it. When I pressed the button for the unpair procedure on my smart plug, the Homey app stated that it was another device and that THAT device had been removed.

So I went to the developer page and removed it manually from there. (healing etc. didn’t help). The pairing process went okay, no problems there. What I do notice now that it doesn’t show the ‘secure’ flag anymore.

If I however look at the app and look at the ‘Geavanceerde Instellingen’ of the smart plug it states “1”. All of my other devices (including another smart plug of the same type) have “manager.vdevice.drivers.zwavebasic.devicesettings.yes_true”. This is the only device I have added since the 2.0 upgrade

Can anyone confirm:
Is my device secure/encrypted? (which is the only thing I really care about - The ‘1’ suggests it is.)
Is this a bug in the 2.0 firmware/app (that it shows up as something different and the developer page doesn’t handle that properly?

((also the ‘Battery’ field says “0” on the repaired plug and on the other plug “manager.vdevices.drivers.zwavebasic.devicesettings.yes_false”))

Any insight is appreciated.


I have had the exact same issue, a device (Fibaro Dual Switch 2) which stopped working, when it was re-added it was added as insecure.

You will need to create a support ticket for this issue.



Thank you for your reply. So it IS actually insecure now. (even though the ‘Beveiligd’ field in ‘Geavanceerde Instellingen’ states it as ‘1’)

I’ll raise a ticket for this.