ZWave Network Heal


I have been running a zwave network with Domoticz and then Vera for the last 5 years with no problems. I have replaced these controllers with Homey. Now the half the zwave network devices are orphaned … over 50% of them dont function at all (they are mostly aeotec smart switch 6) and the nodes that meshed and forwarded zwave no longer do and the system is virtually unusable. Please help if you can as I am at my wits end and ready to send the little homey back… There doesn’t seem to be a z-wave network heal function which is a first for me. The developers tools with single node heal is useless…


I’ve just struggled with a move from Vera to Homey. My big learn was that I needed to disconnect and reconnect while the controller was very close to the device. Was painful.


Yes sadly zwave clients will only pair at the base and only real close (less than 10 inches). The inwall switches were a real pain. The zwave implementation is pretty ordinary…I have gone back to Domoticz


Whereas Homey has a shorter range then Fibaro HC2 when it comes to z-wave as I experienced, it still cannot be only 10 inches. Maybe you could send an email to

I can include any z-wave from a distance of 3-4 meters line of sight.
Z-wave devices do not include/exclude via hops, so you need to either bring the device close to Homey or viceversa.

Another thing I’ve learned, if Homey and another z-wave controllers turned ON in the same time, and not far from each other, both will have huge problems when trying inclusion!! I was migrating from HC2 to Homey and frustration went up to the sky, then I though I would turn off the HC2 and everything went perfect. Turn ON again and could not perform a full inclusion.