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[zwave] - One device, Two Nodes: How is it even possible


I added (with a LOT of pain and tries and retries) a heavy duty switch from Aeotec.

Now, it is present TWO times in my z-wave node.

How is it possible?

I tried to heal / test both of them, but i still got the two of them.
It was too painful to add the device, i really don’t want to exclude it again. Any idea why there is 2 nodes and how I can remove one and keep the other one ?

thanks in advance.

Did you try to refresh the page (F5 on a PC) ? The ID is the same, so 1 device.

I did refresh.
Close Chrome.
Clear cache and cookie.
Tried with Firefox and Chrome again.

Still got the 2 nodes with the same id…

Does it work?

Ok, I’m a bit ashamed.

No, it was not working :frowning_face:

I removed it. Include again (20 minutes of try, fail, exclusion and retry)… And surprise, it works now.

IMHO, Homey still need to enhance a bit the zwave part…
Thanks for the help :wink: